China AC Foaming Agent Industry Report, 2012-2014 New Report


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Azodicarbonamide (AC) foaming agent, also known as ADC foaming agent, is a widely used organic thermal decomposition foaming agent with the largest gas evolution and the most superior performance.

In recent years, the AC foaming agent production capacity and output have increased continuously in China, with CAGRs of 7.96% and 10.70% in 2006-2011 respectively. In 2011, the total capacity and output of AC foaming agent reached 220,000 tons and 183,700 tons in China respectively. With the continuous development of traditional application fields like the footwear industry and the leather industry as well as the rapid growth of emerging application fields like the rubber and plastic heat insulation material industry, the demand for AC foaming agent has been prosperous, and the output will maintain a growth rate of more than 10% in the next three years.

The raw materials for the production of AC foaming agent mainly include caustic soda, urea and chlorine. AC foaming agent enterprises mainly produce chlorine and caustic soda using their own chlor-alkali production facilities, and purchase urea from other enterprises. China’s urea and caustic soda market is currently oversupplied, which is conducive to the cost control of AC foaming agent. In recent years, affected by government policies, China’s urea export has been reduced, and the oversupply in the urea market has become increasingly serious. In 2011, China’s urea output reached 26.57 million tons, up 5.6% year on year, and the apparent consumption was 23 million tons, of which industrial urea accounted for 20%. In 2004-2011, China’s caustic soda production capacity increased rapidly, with a CAGR of 16.2%.

In 2011, the designed production capacity of top 3 enterprises, i.e. SOPO Group, Selon Industrial and Ningxia Risheng, accounted for 59.1% of the total capacity of AC foaming agent in China. With the rapid development of the AC foaming agent market, major AC foaming agent manufacturers have increased capital investment to expand production capacity. At the end of 2011, Nanchang Instyle Chlorin and Alkali Co., Ltd. started the construction of its Phase I relocation project, involving 100 kt/a caustic soda and 20 kt/a ADC foaming agent production capacity, which is expected to start production in 2013; in December 2009, Fujian Longyan Longhua Chemical Co., Ltd. started the construction of a capacity expansion project involving 160 kt/a ion exchange membrane caustic soda and 25 kt/a AC foaming agent production capacity, with total investment of RMB1.24 billion. Phase I project is expected to be put into production in Q1 2013.

China AC Foaming Agent Industry Report, 2012-2014 mainly covers the followings:

Supply and demand, enterprise competition, price analysis, development prospects of China’s AC foaming agent industry;
Supply and demand, import and export, competition, development trends of upstream sectors (urea, caustic soda, etc.) of China’s AC foaming agent industry;
Supply and demand, import and export, competition, development prospects of downstream sectors (footwear, leather, etc.) of China’s AC foaming agent industry;
Operation, AC foaming agent business and development of 10 AC producers.

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