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China Charger Maker Wants Consumers to Put Devices Through Real World Tests

Chinese gadget charger specialist Vinsic is looking for real word testers to put its product through its paces


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- Launched in 2013 Vinsic was the collaboration of a group of talented business leaders keen to see improvements in China's battery manufacture.

Second-rate manufactures have been using outdated tech and subpar components to produce poor quality lithium ion batteries.

These often overheated, quickly lost power and have been causing issues with drones with several brands needing to recall batteries because drones were failing mid-flight.

Vinsic is in the process of changing to superior Lithium Polymer batteries as seen in the cutting edge 20000Mah Alien battery charger. A battery pack almost as thin as a Galaxy Note which is also capable of holding enough charge for 10 iPhone 6's.

The company wants people to put these to the test and is asking for users to put devices through their paces.

And while other companies might want to cover up results Vinsic is so sure of the quality of its products it wants users to share their experiences with products online.

Company spokesman, Gareth Gillatt, says the aim is to give more people the opportunity to experience the devices first-hand. "The company has produced some of the most affordable, beautiful and reliable chargers on the market."

"And while we've got a growing fan base worldwide we think we can take it further."
With every product going through extensive multiple tests already Gareth says Vinsic is sure people will have a positive experience with items. "We really put these devices through their paces."

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