China Colloidal Silica Market 2017 Forecasts


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- Colloidal silica is a kind of nanoscale liquid silicon dioxide particle that is suspended in an aqueous phase or aqueous phase. Since colloidal silica features such advantages as stable properties, large surface size, favorable permeability, etc., it has been widely used in diversified industries: foundry, ceramics, refractory, coatings, papermaking, battery, textile and catalyst carriers, etc.

In China, colloidal silica is mainly applied in industries such as foundry, refractory, ceramics, coatings and papermaking. Those industries have met rapid development in the past ten years.

The output of colloidal silica in China reached around 320,000 tonnes in 2012. The consumption of colloidal silica in China is mainly concentrated in foundry, refractory and ceramics industries. According to statistics, the consumption volume in these three industries accounted for about 75% of the total consumption volume in 2012. However, the quality of colloidal silica applied in these three fields is not as high as that in electronic and catalyst carriers industry. In high value-added industries, such as high-grade coatings, gel batteries and electronic, etc., colloidal silica of high quality is required. The consumption volume of colloidal silica in coatings, papermaking, textile, gel battery, catalyst carriers, electronic and other industries accounted for about 25% of the total number in 2012.

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China is a large producer and consumer of colloidal silica. The colloidal silica produced in China is not only consumed by the domestic market, but also exported abroad. China also imported high-quality colloidal silica from Germany, America and Japan to meet needs from domestic high-end industries.
With the rapid development of colloidal silica in ceramics, coating, catalyst carriers and other industries as well as the increasing consumption proportion of high-end colloidal silica in China, it is estimated that the demand for colloidal silica will see an increase by 7%-10%, while the supply growth rate of colloidal silica, including the imported colloidal silica estimated to drop by about 8% during 2013-2017.

What to report:

- Overview of colloidal silica market in China, 2012;
- Summary of China's colloidal silica market size and its main consumption sectors, 2012;
- Consumption situation (including major end users) of colloidal silica by segment in China, 2012;
- Trend and growth of China's colloidal silica market in 2012 and forecast during 2013-2017;
- Information about domestic colloidal silica importers (e.g. company, output, products, grades, prices, product application in 2012)
- In-depth analysis of 32 domestic colloidal silica producers (e.g. company background, financial situation, segmental prices and expansion plan, etc.);

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Key benefit:

This report is useful for diversified clients, such as:

- Global colloidal silica manufactures
- International traders
- Purchasers of colloidal silica
- Production/sales managers of colloidal silica
- Investors who take interest in China's colloidal silica products

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China is playing an important role as a large supplier and consumer of colloidal silica worldwide. Colloidal silica produced in China is not only consumed by the domestic market, but is also exported abroad. However, China's Colloidal silica is mainly consumed as middle-low-end products. Most high-end colloidal silica in the world is currently supplied by enterprises such as Grace, AkzoNobel, NALCO, Fuso Chemical, and Nissan Chemical. In China, high quality colloidal silica is imported from countries such as Germany, America and Japan to meet the needs of domestic high-end industries. High quality colloidal silica, which comes with huge profits, attracted the attention of domestic companies to begin improving their production technology so that they can occupy a greater market share. Some high-grade colloidal silica products produced by domestic enterprises including Suzhou Nano Dispersions., Ltd. and Shanghai Xinanna Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., can replace their imported counterparts that are applied in the electronics, catalyst carriers and coatings industries.

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