China Construction Curtain Wall Industry Report 2011-2012 - Latest Report


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- The construction curtain wall industry is an important branch of the building decoration industry. In recent years, under the backdrop of rapid development of China construction industry, China’s construction curtain wall output and output value have maintained rapid growth. In 2011, the total output reached 91.3 million square meters, up 10.0% from a year earlier; and the output value got to RMB167.9 billion, rising 11.9% year-on-year, ranking first in the world.

After experiencing the previous extensive development stage, the curtain wall industry of China characterizes the followings:

Industry concentration degree increases gradually, and market competition pattern becomes stable.

During 2006-2011, in Chinese construction curtain wall industry, the output value of top 50 enterprises enjoyed a rising proportion from 20.5% to 59.6%. Meanwhile, in Chinese construction curtain wall market, Jangho and Yuanda became tycoons; more than 50 large-scale curtain wall enterprises play main roles, while numerous firms play supporting roles.

Curtain wall capacity is transferred to central and western regions of China.

During 2009-2010, the proportion of the output value in central and western regions of top 50 companies rose from 20.00% to 22.37%.

PV curtain wall becomes new investment hotspots.

At present, photovoltaic construction curtain walls are the future development priorities for most companies, and they have begun to set up photovoltaic curtain wall production lines, even some ones have transformed into professional photovoltaic curtain wall manufacturers.

The demand for residential curtain walls is potentially huge.

In Chinese curtain wall consumer market, the housing market accounts for less than 4%, far lower than 20% in the developed nations, thus with vast room for the growth of Chinese residential curtain wall market.

The Middle East market is becoming saturated, while the markets in Europe and the United States become the focuses.

Chinese curtain wall companies boasted more than 50% share in the Middle East market in 2010, and it is hard to further raise the market share there. To further explore the international market, Yuanda, Jangho and other leading giants have started to make their efforts to tap into European market.

This report not only analyzes the status quo of Chinese construction curtain wall industry, but also studies 10 Chinese companies (Yuanda China, Jangho, Zhongnan, Keyuan, Shenzhen Sanxin, etc.) as well as five international tycoons (Permasteelisa, SCHUCO, YKK, Apogee, and Far East Global Group).

In 2011, Yuanda continued to give priority to the exploration of domestic and international markets. China's central and western regions, Europe and the United States became the company's revenue growth engines. To degrade the raw material price sensitivity, the company cooperated with Saint-Gobain and SAPA to get involved in glass and aluminum materials business and advance towards the upstream industrial chain.

Jangho acquired Chengda international in May 2012 to access into the field of interior decoration, transferring from a professional curtain wall engineering contractor to an indoor and outdoor decoration contractor. Zhongnan has been engrossed in BIPV in recent years, transferring from a traditional curtain wall manufacturer to a veteran PV curtain wall manufacturer.

International curtain wall giant Permasteelisa Group achieved the revenue of EUR989 million in 2009, down 13% year on year. In 2011, the company was acquired by JS Group Corp which is a well-known Japanese building materials company. Then, Permasteelisa Group quitted from the market in Italy.

Japan YKK and USA Apogee saw significant decline in the economic crisis. In 2011, their performance rebounded. In the same year, YKK gained the revenue of JPY308.4 billion from building materials business, up 2.2% year on year; and the revenue of Apogee amounted to USD662 million, a 13.7% YoY rise.

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