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China Cooperation Brings New Opportunities via Zurich Private Capital

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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- The name "Zurich Private Capital" will certainly ring a bell even with a desultory reading about the recent visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to Latin American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba and his categorical assurance to the leaders of these countries of China's readiness to participate in their efforts for economic growth and more particularly, infrastructure development. This is because Zurich Private Capital is well-versed with infrastructure investments and in oil and agricultural contracts.

Not only that, this Bloomberg-listed company can play a highly significant role in the collaborative efforts between China and these Latin American countries. In fact, the company has been facilitating private equity investments and trades between China and Brazil for the past 2 decades and this has resulted in a very impressive growth for investors and corporations alike.

This is President Xi Jinping's second visit to Latin America and this amply demonstrates the importance China attaches to all-round ties with these countries. The Chinese President attended the sixth BRICS summit and after that, he made it a point to make state visits to these countries.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff could not hide her satisfaction when she told that her 3-hour long meeting with Xi produced "exciting" results.

During Xi's visit, it has been decided that China, Brazil and Peru will collaborate to construct a railway that will run between the Pacific Coast on the Peruvian side and the Brazilian Atlantic coast. Rousseff has pledged to extend all support to China and Peru for building this project because according to her, this railway will play a vital role in promoting the economic growth of her country and boost the overall development of the entire region.

Zurich Private Capital, that offers world-class services in areas like high interest savings, capital management, Secured and Guaranteed return platforms and Planning, can play a pivotal role in the collaborative efforts between Brazil and China because for more than twenty years, the company has been facilitating private equity investments and trades between the two countries. Their efforts have certainly produced great results both for investors and corporations.

Francisco Mauro Brasil de Holanda, Director of the East Asia Department, Brazilian Foreign Ministry and Murilo Ferreira, CEO of Vale, that is producing and exporting world's largest quantities of iron ore, agreed with the Brazilian President and said that Chinese investment in mining, soybean, oil, car manufacturing, infrastructure like railways and ports and heavy equipment would infuse high technology into these sectors. Further, China's possession of highly mature technological systems in infrastructure construction and mining will help these Latin American countries immensely.

About Chinese President Xi Jinping
During his recent visit to Latin American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Venezeula and Cuba, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a categorical assurance that China would assist in the economic growth and more particularly, infrastructure development of these countries. Zurich Private Capital, a Bloomberg-listed company, can play a major role in the collaborative efforts of Brazil and China because they have been facilitating private equity investments and trades between the two countries for the last two decades.

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