China-source Company Puts American on Ground in Shanghai

American companies looking to China now have an American contact in place to help


Pudong, Shanghai -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- American companies looking to China now have an American contact in place to help. co-owner Dan Curtis has moved to Pudong, Shanghai and will serve as the direct contact. Mr. Curtis is the point man for’s Chinese sourcing program managed entirely by American trade professionals on the ground in China.

“China can be bewildering for people who are not familiar with the customs, laws and trade regulations here,” Mr. Curtis said. “Media reports, whether accurate or not, do not give a complete picture of what doing business in China is like. The only way to fully understand the Chinese way is to be here and live it daily.”

That daily living and the ability to meet in person with Chinese trade officials and factory owners is why Mr. Curtis has moved to China. By having an American in place, US companies now have a trusted interface for dealing with the Chinese system.

“As an American, I think like an American. I know what we expect and I know what we look for. By living in China, I know what the Chinese expect and look for,” he said. “I serve as a bridge over a culture and business gap.

In China, most business is managed by a Chinese trade staff. changes this dynamic to an American staff.

“By providing American management in China, we up the bar for quality and level of service. We take the unexpected risk out of the process,” Mr. Curtis said. “There’s always risk in business, but when you know the risks you can better prepare for them. China represents great risk and great opportunity. We reduce and sometimes eliminate the Chinese-side risk. We can always explain the Chinese risk in American terms.”

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