China Sourcing Service Reports on Reaching Milestone Sixth Thousandth Manufacturer Partnership

China Sourcing Service has confirmed its sixth thousandth manufacturer partnership, enabling them to source products for international buyers on a scale unlike any other sourcing company.


Nanjing, Jiangsu -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2016 -- China is the manufacturing capital of the world, and the Chinese now aim to increase the prestige of their output by creating products not only manufactured but designed in China. This will surely see demand increase, and already retailers and suppliers across the world source huge volumes of their materials from China. China Sourcing Service (CSS) is a business that helps these international suppliers and retailers save an average of 25% on their Chinese purchases. They have just reached a partnership with a milestone six thousandth manufacturer, allowing them to offer the most comprehensive connections of any Chinese sourcing company.

Their unique way of working seems them undertake a personalized consultation with every company they work with to establish their needs and requirements for products, including information on the target market and quality standards, before targeting selected suppliers. They will then negotiate the best rates from each of these and go with the best quote, whereupon their in-house quality control staff will ensure the products are delivered to the standard clients expect.

The combination of six thousand manufacturers ensures there is no product the company cannot source, and CSS service boasts over 200 active clients in over 60 countries and they even take care of the logistics. The milestone enables them to expand their client roster even more in the coming year.

A spokesperson for China Sourcing Service explained, "To reach such a great milestone so early into 2016 gives us great hopes for the year ahead. Six thousand manufacturers enables us to cover every market type, every product type and most all variations of build quality, innovation and price band. As such, we are able to help any business, no matter what size or scale, to source the right products for their needs with ease, while saving them money in the process. We have been able to develop such a comprehensive network because we keep both suppliers and clients happy at all stages of the process."

About China Sourcing Service
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