China Thermometer Market Largely Dominated by Mercury-Based Thermometers

The market for mercury-free thermometers will strengthen to acquire a market share of 68.8% in 2016. The mercury-free thermometer market will reach USD 76.78 million in 2016 growing with CAGR of 19.5% during 2011 – 2016.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2016 -- China currently is the largest manufacturer of the mercury-based thermometer devices, manufacturing over 150 million thermometers per year, for both exports and domestic consumption. Most of the mercury thermometer demand in the country is cater through the domestic production. However, growing awareness about mercury pollution and global initiative for lowering the consumption of mercury has spur the demand for digital and other type mercury-free thermometer devices in the country, which is currently being catered through domestic production and imports.

Growing healthcare infrastructure and mercury-pollution prevention initiative are the principal growth drivers of the China thermometer industry. Other key growth drivers for Chinese thermometer market include growing use of digital temperature monitors into home appliances and laboratory applications.

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The China temperature monitor devices market is largely dominated by Mercury-based thermometers, especially in volume terms. In 2011, the mercury-based thermometers accounted for 54.8% of the China temperature monitor devices revenue at USD 38.26 million. However, our research indicates that the situation will reverse over next two years. Furthermore, the market for mercury-free thermometers will strengthen to acquire a market share of 68.8% in 2016. The mercury-free thermometer market will reach USD 76.78 million in 2016 growing with CAGR of 19.5% during 2011 – 2016.

The China thermometer industry is highly fragmented and competitive as a large number of local manufacturers are present into the market. The low setup cost for thermometer device production facility and low cost of raw material has induced the entry of large number of small local manufacturer in the country. The consumption of thermometers in China is far larger (more than 100 million thermometers consumed in 2009) than most of the other countries into the Asian region. While South-East Asian countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) consumed ~2 million thermometers in 2009; India, with comparable population, consumed about ~5 million thermometers in 2009.

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The price for mercury-based thermometers will largely remain unchanged during the forecast period. The price for mercury-based thermometer in China will be about USD 0.403 per unit in 2012 and will be USD 0.404 per unit in 2016. On the other hand the price change into mercury-free thermometer segment will be about USD 0.6 per unit. The Unit price for mercury-free thermometer was about USD 7.6 in 2011 and will be USD 7.1 per unit in 2016. However, the overall average selling price of temperature measurement and monitoring devices will increase from USD 0.7 per unit in 2011 to USD 1.1 per unit in 2016.

Scope and Overview

The objective of the study on "China Thermometer Market - Temperature Measurement And Monitoring Devices Market: China Industry Analysis, Size (Volume-Value), Trend and Forecast (2010 – 2016)" is to gain detailed market insights forkey thermometer product segments that includemercury thermometer, digital thermometer, infrared thermometer and LCD thermometer. The market is analyzed on the basis of growth trends, ongoing developments, market penetration and revenue share.The report also covers the strategies followed by "China Thermometer Market" players.

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Segmentation & Analysis

The report segments and analyzes the "China Thermometer Market" on the basis of following segmentation:

By Category
- Mercury-based
- Mercury Free

By Products
- Mercury Free
o Digital thermometer

Resistance temperature detectors

o LCD thermometer
o Infrared thermometer
o Others

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