ChinaMagicTricks Provides All Types of Equipment for Professional Magicians

ChinaMagicTricks is an online wholesale and retail shop that dedicatedly sells goods for magic tricks. The company has products pertaining to all categories of magic.


Chengdu, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Magic has entertained and amazed people since time known. The most fascinating thing about magic is that the performance of the magician seems naturally and obviously impossible. Timing, great control over hand and appropriate equipment are the factors that result into successful magic show. ChinaMagicTricks is a production and sales company that provides all types of magic instruments and equipment for professional shows. The company understands the significance of technologically well-built instruments such as Tarantula by Yigal in the magic industry. It is involved in production as well as wholesale and retail of all its products, which can be explored at the website.

ChinaMagicTricks is a dedicated manufacturing, distribution and sales company dealing only in magic equipment. Innovation, scientific management and unique business prosecution are the key business principles of the company. As a result, it has evolved into a first-class magic-supply company in the international market. The products of ChinaMagicTricks such as an electric deck are not only of good quality and technically sound but also priced competitively. The provision of excellent service just makes the company a complete resource for all professional magic tricks. Besides, ChinaMagicTricks remains up to date with the market trend and evolves its management process accordingly in order to stay ahead in competition.

ChinaMagicTricks has been in the business for long enough and has been manufacturing such efficient items that it has created a characteristic for its own products. Street magic and verifiable tricks have become the trend as more and more professionals now walk on the streets on exhibit their talent. People appreciate tricks performed right in front of them more than those performed on a set stage. ChinaMagicTricks has accordingly upgraded its production process regularly to meet the changing need of professional magicians. Scientific research and experiment is the key factor behind the innovative instruments such as the electronic deck of 'any card at any number' that the company manufactures. Many individual investors and trained magicians are patrons of CinaMagicTricks, which has significantly benefited from it.

ChinaMagicTrick ships via China Post Airmail, DHL, UPS or EMS every day excluding weekends. It accepts payment via PayPal, Western Union, China Post and wire transfer. Ordered goods are dispatched within 2 – 3 days and the delivery typically takes 5 – 11 days while it can be 7 – 14 days for remote locations. Damaged goods can be returned within 15 days from purchase. However, externally caused damages are not covered in it. The details of the process are provided at the website as well as through customer service.

About ChinaMagicTricks
ChinaMagicTricks is a manufacturer and seller of goods that are used by professional magicians for their tricks. It is based in China but caters supplies to worldwide market. It particularly specialises in equipment for hand-magic and street magic rather than large setups for stage performances.


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