Chinese Men Desperately Looking for White Women


Kowloon, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Nowadays China is one of the richest countries in the world. Chinese people travel all over the world learning and experiencing new things. It's not surprising that priorities and tastes also changed. It was always a trend for Asian women to marry Western men. But what about wealth Asian men? What are they looking for?

According to match-making expert Victoria Pavlova, Chinese millionaires demanding American and European beauties as potential wives. Victoria’s business, My Star Model, is designed to help successful Asian singles to find wife or husband abroad.

Recently, wealthy Chinese men are becoming more attracted to and curious about Western women. Asian men and white women dating is a hot topic in  China. According to Victoria Pavlova, Chinese men believe that American or European women are not only very attractive, but they also possess honesty, sweetness, intelligence. They are good wives and mother; and are less aggressive in everyday life and business unlike Asian businesswomen. Chinese men don't wont to have a boss at home but caring and loving wife.

Hong Kong women are having a bad time in terms of dating. Hong Kong has much more women than man. This is a reason why Hong Kong women are looking for potential spouses in Mainland China or abroad. But even in Mainland they cannot find an appropriate match, because the most successful and good-looking men are dreaming of Western beauties.

According to statistic provided by, Hong Kong women same as Chinese men are mostly interested in finding spouses in America or Europe. Asian women and men are not looking for immigration but rather bringing their spouses to China.

Victoria Pavlova says: ”Asians love living in Asia, because it's their home. They want their Western spouses to move to Asia, or at least spend here a few months per year. International couples feel quite comfortable having such lifestyle. They are global citizens now – 3 months in Paris, 6 months in Italy, Hong Kong, China. No problem. ”

Victoria Pavlov, is the CEO and founder of My Star Model, focuses strictly on matching wealthy Asians to their new western spouses bringing together the most well-to-do Chinese business owners and the most attractive Western mates for them.

Victoria Pavlova says:”There are many dating websites, but successful people rarely go there, because you never know who is behind the screen, while with us they feel safe and secure. Right now we are the only agency providing matchmaking service for Asian men looking for foreign wives. Our business is growing together with the satisfaction of our clients. Due to this unusual pent-up demand for Western mates, we encourage Western men and women to join us for free at”.

About is 1st Hong Kong based Millionaires matchmaking agency for wealthy Asian men and women looking for Western spouses.

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