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Chinese Reporter Interviews the NFL President in Asia


Fujian, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Last week, the NFL President in Asia area which name is Richard Yang has accepted the telephoning interview of one China reporter in Omni Hotel in New York. From this phoning interviewing, the NFL fans have already received much more useful information about this famous soccer game. The Asia president has said that the Super Bowl can achieve such a brilliant achievement is because the best quality of America football itself. In order to let the America football fans know more about this interview, the best online seller for 2013 New Jerseys which website is would introduce with people the content of this interview.

The first problem: How do the American's feeling about the Super Bowl's status?

The president has said that the Super Bowl is the most popular sport in the heart of American people. All of events in this year has cheap NCAA jerseys already ranked fourth among all the high ratings program in the United States¡¯ history. On the other hand, ten most popular programs in America's TV history are all the Super Bowl. The popularity of the Super Bowl has penetrated into all ages and race even the basketball could not match with this game.

The second problem: What are main reasons of the madness situation of American to Super Bowl?

The reason of the madness situation of American to Super Bowl is the quality of this sport itself. Of course, some people like basketball, baseball and football. But if it is in the Super Bowl time, all sports would quickly let out the top position because everyone should clearly that the player who has been engaged in NFL Sports are the best. However, every moment in this game is very exciting enough. The most popular symbol of this game should be the NFL jersey. If people want to purchase one set of cheap Nike NFL jerseys, the website should be the best choice.

The last problem: which is the most attractive point if this game?

For this problem, the president has told people that there are 32 NFL teams in this game and every team cheap soccer Jerseys could have the opportunity to enter into the Super Bowl. On the other hand, the bonus distribution system of the league itself is extremely fair and each team would have 1/32 of the total income of this game. It is unlike the other sport game which the annual championship is always some fixed teams. Although NFL is a team sport, every people in this team should become a shining star after the hard individual effort.

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