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Chinese Sucralose Industry Analysis & 2018 Forecasts Research Report


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- After eight years of development and experiencing the famous 337 patent lawsuit, China has become one of the world’s most important sucralose producing countries, exporting almost XX% of its sucralose output to the overseas market in 2013. By the end of 2013, there were XX active and XX idle sucralose producers in China, with a total capacity of XX t/a; the sucralose output in 2013 witnessed a XX% rise over 2012 thanks to an increasing demand from the overseas market and a lower price of Chinese sucralose over the foreign product.

Jiangsu Province is the top producing region of sucralose in China, contributing XX% of the total national output in 2013, followed by Jiangxi Province, Fujian Province, Shandong Province, etc.

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There are three major raw materials used in the sucralose production: sucrose, methanol and N,N-dimethylformamide. Since their supply is ample enough to meet the demand from sucralose production, the price change of these three raw materials is the major influencing factor for sucralose’s production cost.

There are two production pathways to synthesize sucralose, namely the chemical pathway and the biological pathway. All Chinese sucralose producers adopt the former pathway and most of them have registered production patents on sucralose production. The chemical pathway includes two methods, namely the monoester synthesis method and the hologroup protected synthesis method; the latter is unwelcomed among Chinese producers because of its high requirements of facilities and complicated process. The biological pathway is hard to be applied industrially due to the short supply of raw material, high production cost and complicated refinery process. Thus, this method has been applied in sucralose production yet.

China’s sucralose consumption has grown fast from XX tonnes in 2008 to XX tonnes in 2013. The food and beverage industry is the major end-use segment. Seasoning is the largest consumption field in the food industry, and sucralose is mainly consumed in liquid milk & milk beverages, carbonated beverages, juice beverages and functional beverages in the beverage industry . Moreover, sucralose can be also used in pharmaceuticals and other products. Though the application is still limited by now compared with that of developed countries, the domestic market prospect of sucralose is estimated to be promising, and the domestic consumption of sucralose will see a stable development in the coming few years.

With a relatively low price and improving quality, China’s sucralose export has been growing fast in the past few years. The export volume was about XX tonnes in 2013, which is about 5 times of that in 2010. The top three export destinations are the US, the Netherlands and the UK, whose total import volume accounts for over XX% of China’s total export volume in 2013. JK Sucralose, Changzhou Niutang and Ji’an New Trend, the top three producers in China, are also the top three exporters; the volume exported by themselves accounted for XX% of China’s total sucralose export volume in 2013.

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