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Chinese Textile Accessories Exporter Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd Dropped Prices of Products


Suzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2016 -- Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Limited, a Chinese manufacturer and exporter of interlining fabric that has its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Suzhou City of Jiangsu province, recently announced that they have dropped the prices of their products, including fusible interlining fabric, weft-insert stretchable interlining fabric, super-thin interlining, plain and colorful interlining, and double-dot interlining products. The manufacturers informed the press that the drop in prices is aimed at beating competition in the overseas market.

"Due to the appreciation of Yuan and several other factors, China interlining and textile industry's overall growth has been static over the past one month. We, therefore, decided to slash down the prices of our products so that more overseas buyers can find significant cost advantages by buying products from us", said a sales officer. "However, discounts are only available on bulk purchases as we are by nature a B2B business and we only cater to wholesalers and manufacturers of apparels. Therefore, buyers who would place large orders with us would only get the discounts", clarified the sales officer.

According to him, Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Limited has now either sales offices or sales representatives all over the world, and not only in China. He said that their sales network is strongest in Eastern Europe and North America, apart from a strong foothold in the Chinese domestic market.

"Our products are often chosen by leading apparel manufacturers because we mix advanced production technology with skilled labor. Besides, we follow the highest quality parameters and testing measures. As a result of all these factors, we have been able to earn trust from our overseas buyers. However, we want to capture a larger section of the overseas market and revision in pricing policy seemed the most effective strategy in this regard", the CEO of Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Limited said during a recent press conference. The CEO also told the press that they may build another manufacturing facility near Shanghai in 2017.  The China interlining fabric manufacturer is now among one of the top exporters.

About Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Limited
Suzhou Zhonge Apparel Accessories Co. Limited is a renowned China based OEM partner and manufacturer of interlining products.

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