Chinese Will Pay for the Wall – An Open Letter to President Donald Trump


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2019 -- Dr. Gregory Finkelson announced today that he proposed a plan for funding the U.S.-Mexican border wall through a cooperative investment visa program whereby high net worth Chinese and other investors would fund the wall.

Dr. Finkelson published an open letter to President Donald Trump on the American Corporate Services, Inc. website today outlining the basic points of his plan.

The ingenious idea comes from Dr. Finkelson's keen insights concerning business, finance, and immigration and his desire to help keep get government employees back to work.

While pondering the dilemma that continues to stymie the executive and legislative branches, Finkelson conceived a plan that could create the necessary influx of cash for construction of the wall, contribute to the growing U.S. economy, accommodate the much of the current backlog of EB-5 Investment Visa applicants, and clear up the contention in the capitol.

The plan's cross-platform proposal is exquisite in its plan to create a modification of a current immigration program to facilitate the promise to control legal immigration at the U.S.' southern border.

Dr. Finkelson told reporters that "We believe the wall should be built, can be built, and can be fully funded through an EB-5W Investment Immigration Visa Program."

Please visit the company website at to read the entire open letter outlining the proposal. Tweet your support of the program to the President.

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