Introduces a Fast but Accurate Tool for Baby Gender Selection

Gender selection is a great way to achieve family balance, but it could be very expensive with modern medical techniques. A free tool for gender selection has been developed, so you can find out the best time to get pregnant with absolutely no cost.


Burnaby, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 --, a renowned website when it comes to gender prediction by using the Chinese Gender Chart (CGC), today introduced a new tool for selecting baby gender. Speaking on the occasion, a representative from the website said, “Yes, we are able to utilize the new tool to choose the sex of baby, based on the ancient Chinese baby gender prediction chart. A chart which helps thousands of people to achieve family balance in a very natural way. The CGC has been very popular in the East, and now in the western society. It is cost free and drug free. This exceptional tool is actually good for determining the sex of fetus as well,” sid Jorge of

It looks really easy to use the CGC as only two pieces of information required. One is the lunar age of the mother when she get pregnant, while the second is the lunar month when the baby is conceived. “It is actually very time-consuming to find out the information required, as Lunar calendar is totally different from the Western (Gregorian) calendar. There is no single formula that can convert the western date to lunar date. It is not surprising that you spend half an hour and come up with wrong lunar month and lunar age”, Jorge continued.

“With our tool, you can simply enter your date of birth, and the year that you want to get pregnant, and that is it. The tool will tell you the best time to get pregnant with your preferred baby gender,” Jorge said, “all within 15 seconds.”

It is not limited to the Chinese Gender Chart, lunar calendar is also important for determining traditional festivals, Chinese horoscope and Feng Shui. It is also essential for farmers deciding the proper time for planting and harvesting. At, you can find a western to lunar calendar converter, which converts western date to lunar date from 1940 to 2030. A great tool that can save you a lot of time!

The site has also introduced a few additional tools including western calendar version baby chart, ovulation calculator and conception calculator. Useful information for pregnancy includes Chinese medicine, Feng Shui and Chinese traditional customs for baby.

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