Chingy Making Slow but Sure Return to the Music World


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- St. Louis is home to Chingy, and while many may not remember him, his music will certainly ring a bell. Songs such as “Right Thur” and “Pulling Me Back” put Chingy on the charts, and he is in the studio with another album, “Chinglology.”

Since we last saw Chingy, there have been some serious changes. He is looking past his previous behaviors and trying to atone for them.

“I want to become more of a leader," Chingy says in looking back at lessons learned over the years.

It is clear the vocabulary has changed significantly. Words such as “positive” and “great” pepper not only his album but his entire view on his life. The track “King Judah”, for example, pays homage to the origins of the African male, while at the same time awakening a spirit long dormant or non-existent in his life. Either way, it is a deep track from a changed man.

“I am still interested in entertaining the ladies, but treating them like ladies is the first thoughts I have now,” said Chingy, “and I am avoiding the whole beef with other artists. They will be themselves, and I will be Chingy.”

With so many artists looking at the dark side of hip-hop with drugs, violence and the like, Chingy is staying away from them, hopoing to change the current thoughts and feelings of many of the kids.

“Even though I am not part of that scene, I do have respect for some artists like Drake, Wale, and Wiz Khalifa,” said Chingy.

Later on this summer, Chingy will be on VH1 in the “Couples Therapy” reality show, learning how to fix a relationship. Watch the show to learn what happens; he isn’t telling.

A clothing line, “Full Dekk” and “Star Rich,” a shoe company are two of his additional projects in the works. Chingy is a busy man and does not mind managing all of the ventures.

“To my critics and haters, save your breath. I am not listening to you or your words. If you are not with me, each day and evening at my table, then I have no use for you,” said Chingy.

At the end of the day, he wants people to understand that he's just a regular, down to earth guy who enjoys history and who likes to bowl when he's not in the studio.

This may be the breath of air hip-hop needs – in the form of a few more Chingys.