Chirch Global Manufacturing Network Supports USA Domestic Sourcing

Chirch Global Manufacturing Network Confident Local Manufacturing Will Succeed By Keeping Things Simple


McHenry, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2013 -- We’ve all read stories about how reshoring with manufacturing is getting increasingly popular, but will the hype fade just as quickly? Opportunity costs will always shift and drive manufacturing to new regions, but keeping things simple may be the key to sustainable domestic sourcing.

The Chirch Global Manufacturing Network was formed in 2011 as a unique collaboration of best-in-class manufacturing and engineering companies, focused on providing local and global companies with a single source product development and production partner.

Comprised of small-to-medium sized, privately owned manufacturing and engineering businesses, this dynamic alliance of experts is focused on presenting their customers with a streamlined, high-quality, cost-conscious manufacturing solution that allows anyone to remain competitive in their industry – by keeping things simple.

When problems arise in manufacturing, especially when a wide range of suppliers are involved with a particular project, everyone is quick to point fingers at who exactly caused the problem. This not only cripples lead times when they seem to be most critical, but adds an unnecessary la yer of frustration. By offering a single source solution, the Chirch Global Manufacturing Network can help eliminate these frustrations and keep customers happy.

Companies will continue to reshore more projects today, and by keeping things simple, they may not be offshoring them tomorrow. Manufacturing can be rebuilt here in the United States; we just have to give them a good reason to stay.

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About Chirch Global® Manufacturing Network
The Chirch Global® Manufacturing Network is a collaborative business model of best-in-class manufacturers creating added value for our customers. We bring together like-minded business owners, with world-class specialized manufacturing capabilities, to offer comprehensive manufacturing solutions. Although each independently owned business within the Network has distinct manufacturing capabilities, we share the same values, business ethics, high quality standards, and passion to support our customers’ just-in-time requirements - globally.

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