ChirkHR Introduces Software for Businesses to Lower Cost of Employee Training

Removes Hassle From Training Issues


Aloha, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- According to a survey by the Ontario Skills Development Office, 63% of those who responded said they planned to introduce new technology to the workplace that would require staff training. Furthermore, The American Society for Training and Development reported approximately $1500 per employee is spent on average per year for training in a technical and professional capacity. With these numbers in mind, Eric Davis of Chirk HR recently introduced his complete hosted software to ease the paperwork burden as well as financial obligations associated with employee training.

Says Davis, "We recently did a major update to ChirkHR. Previously, it was a simple applicant tracking system (ATS) for recruiters to find and hire the best talent. After several months and getting some feedback from customers, I’ve decided to change the direction of ChirkHR. An employer will only hire one person once, but there are many other opportunities for the employee to improve after they are hired. Every employee will receive some training from their employer. When they are hired it’s typically part of their new employee orientation. Then throughout their career training comes up as refresher courses to maintain their skills, new training to teach them new skills, and mandatory training such as like harassment and safety."

The software system will now offer a training tracker to employers, according to Davis. "Over time as each employee works on their training plan, you’ll be able to have visibility into where they’re at and whats left with their training. No longer will you have to say “I’ll get back to you” when you’re asked how an employee’s training is going. You’ll have a clear picture and be able to confidently know exactly how it’s going. To be completely open, managers will be able to access their employee’s training. This will both save them time and also let the manager incorporate the training feedback directly into their department’s day-to-day work"

He continues explaining that noticing gaps in training has become easier now for the management team. "The training tracker software gives you the opportunity to address these gaps before they turn into problems for you or your employee. Each of these training sessions are opportunities for the employer and employee to become more efficient and effective. There are hard quantitative factors like cost cutting issues, but qualitative factors will always have a greater impact. Was the training successful in teaching the employee? Did the concepts stick? Is the employee able to grow and develop?"

Davis concludes, explaining, "With more opportunities to improve and a larger number of factors that go into training, building software to improve training and development would have a larger impact for both the employer and employee."

About ChirkHR
Chirk HR is a complete hosted software as a service web-based application. It is a true multi-tenant system, meaning every improvement made is rolled out to each account. Chirk HR charges no setup fees, forces no contracts, no long term commitments, and a fully functional 30-day free trial.