Chiropractic Care Has a Bad Reputation in Winter Park, FL

Chiropractic Care is a complete was a complete scam. Local chiropractor explains how this belief was created.


Altamonte Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Chiropractic care has had a bad reputation for many years in the past. The industry had been tarnished by a few bad apples that really were snake like salesmen. These bad doctors really didn’t understand the fact that they were actually helping people.

The statement above sounds misdirected but Dr. Roach, a Winter Park chiropractic doctor, states that “These doctors were simply foolish; they really didn’t understand the healing power knowledge they had and because of that they used guarantees and promises that should not have been made”. Meaning that chiropractic care did work then and still does today, however it seems that a few bad chiropractic doctors perhaps only went to school to get a degree and not for the purpose to actually heal people.

No doctor of any kind can or should guarantee or promise that any type of pain can go away or completely be eliminated in or understand a short period of time. When it comes to chiropractic care, everything is a process of healing which takes time, there are no quick fixes. Well, quick fixes do exist; they are called pain killer pills that only mask or cover up the issue temporarily. A doctor who practices chiropractic care searches for the cause of the problem and then performs sessions of treatment to eliminate the source or cause of it.

There is no miracle cure Dr. Roach shares with us, and true helpful doctors will help patients understand this and prove that chiropractic care does produce results. In fact you can visit Dr. Roach Altamonte Springs chiropractic website and see testimonials for yourself.

The truth is chiropractic care was given a bad name in its early years because of untruthful guarantees and promises by uneducated doctors. Dr. Roach still encourages the general public to give chiropractic care a chance and be prepared to be surprised with results. Dr. Roach’s office is located in Altamonte Springs, FL but also reaches out to help those in need within Winter Park, FL.

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