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Dr. Sean P. Mahoney releases the All New “Guide To Bulletproofing Your Over 40 Spine.”


Waitsfield, VT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2012 -- The oldest of four brothers, Dr. Sean P. Mahoney was the first of them to start a chiropractic career after 10 years of college. Now, the doctor has worked for the past year to create a step-by-step guide of specific strengthening moves, stretches and exercises to help the over 40 spine.

After his graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1986, Dr Mahoney is in his 27th year of practice and has spent his career working with over 7,700 patients of all ages in his studios in the Burlington area and Waitsfield, Vermont. His newly created E-guide synthesizes his experience in treating thousands of patients with chronic and severe pain.

Dr Mahoney states that, “Those of us in the over 40 group start to develop more ‘wear and tear’ type conditions. Especially if we have been into sports or strenuous in our earlier years. Injuries and traumas from years before often start to show up as chronic back, neck, disc and joint pain conditions in our 40’s and beyond.”

But consulting a chiropractor is not only for back pain and neck pain. Chiropractic care is an excellent way to keep the body at its peak performance through nutrition, adjustment and overall wellness. In addition, chiropractic care has been known to help a wide range of conditions from fibromyalgia to diabetes to allergies.

Even if his guide is aimed to the “over 40” patients, Dr. Mahoney helps everyone who is in need of his cure. And every cure is aimed to eliminate the problem that bothers the patient, no matter if it’s a small joint problem or a big spine emergency, and no matter if the patient is young, adult or one of the elderly.

While the information in Dr. Mahoney’s guide will help pain sufferers of any age, it will be especially helpful at age 40 and over. For the moment, it is available to Dr Mahoney’s patients only, but it will soon be available on his practice website.

For chronic back pain relief, this doctor has some tricks, so for those needing chronic back and neck pain relief, the doctor is waiting.

The doctor has also created an useful website, where the patients can easily find a lot of information and helpful tips. Not only this is an informative website, but it’s also an interactive one: people can find the help they need with their problems of back and neck pain, spinal disc herniations, sciatica and chronic joint pain, as well as reading testimonials of other patients, learning about the services the doctor’s office provide, as well as the history of chiropractic and the explanation on how it works.

Dr. Mahoney is a specialist in the chiropractic treatment – a non-invasive and effective cure aimed at specific parts of the human body. Surgery is not always the best option available. Dr. Mahoney offers a very healthy alternative.


There are state-of-the-art facilities in both Colchester and Waitsfield, VT. The main office in Colchester is a comfortable, light modern facility with advanced spinal decompression, low level laser and chiropractic treatment.

For more information, feel free to contact Dr. Sean P. Mahoney via email at spmahoney60@gmail.com or by phone at 802 655-2664.