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Review a Chiropractor Website Launches to Help Patients Choose a Doctor


Tulsa, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Review A Chiropractor ( announces the unveiling of their new website, dedicated as a place where patients undergoing chiropractic care can leave confidential reviews about their doctor or doctor's office service. The Internet has created a review driven environment for medical doctors, dentists, lawyers, contractors, restaurants, movie theaters and even babysitters. Now those who seek a chiropractor have a place to leave their thoughts on the chiropractor and their treatment. Engaging the care of any professional is an intimate experience, and Review A Chiropractor allows those considering leaving a review for their doctor to do so anonymously and confidentially.. Users do not need to register or create a profile in order to leave a review.

Doctors of Chiropractic are encouraged to register and create a profile. Marketing surveys show that when a consumer goes to a review website and finds the professional, service or merchant whom they patronized already registered with an active profile, the subsequent review and rating is more favorable and receives a higher score than when the consumer lands on either a imported dead profile or cannot find and must create the profile him or herself.

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Review A Chiropractor believes consumers need to make informed decisions, and researching the reputation of any professional service being considered, making a choice based on that reputation, and then leaving a review of one's own experience with the professionals service, promotes the highest standards of business practice. They developed their site to assist potential patients in their search for the right chiropractor and for chiropractors to receive feedback about their patient's experience in their chiropractor's clinic.

About Review A Chiropractor
Founded in Tulsa, OK, Review A Chiropractor provides a consumer driven review website containing reviews, ratings and opinions from individuals. The service is provided at no charge to either the patient or the doctor.

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