Chlorine-Free Water Reported to Be 'Safer' for Drinking

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White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2016 -- Tap water that is chlorinated is the usual type of water used around the world, but an article on an online press release stated that removing chlorine from water is considered safe and more beneficial.

"Distributing tap water with residential chlorine is a century-old strategy used to protect populations by preventing the proliferation of waterborne pathogens. But is it necessary?" the online press release asked.

According to the article, chlorinated tap water may be the normal type used by people, but there are reportedly several countries in Europe that forego chlorine content for "better-tasting and potentially, healthier water."

Provided that protective devices are in place, this phenomenon can be possible, which foregoes the chlorine within the water used for drinking, as the article noted a commentary published in scientific journals.

There are reportedly three major factors that determine if tap water is under good quality namely, the quality of the water source, the methods of the treatment and the distribution network through which it flows.

"Decades of experience in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have shown that, when none of these three elements are compromised, the number of waterborne-disease outbreaks are low, even lower than in countries that add chemical disinfectants to their water supply in order to compensate for poorly maintained networks, insufficient water treatment, or contaminated water sources," the article also wrote.

Experts have reasoned out meanwhile, that though chlorine-free water supplies can generally be safe, there is a need to control water treatment facilities properly, protect sources and maintain the distribution network on a regular basis. Bad chlorine content is said to the formation of by-products of disinfection, which can potentially be carcinogenic.

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