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Chloroplatinic Acid Market Key Trends and Forecast Research Report 2018-2028


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2019 -- Chloroplatinic acid is a complex inorganic compound which is formed by reacting platinum with acids such as hydrochloric acid or aqua regia. By physical appearance, chloroplatinic acid is reddish brown in color and available in crystalline as well as liquid solution form, in the market. Chloroplatinic acid is a highly hygroscopic compound. Chloroplatinic acid is toxic in nature and can be hazardous if proper safety measures are not taken while handling it. The major applications of chloroplatinic acid includes platinum metal production, production of catalysis, indelible ink, photography, platinum mirrors, electroplating, producing color, printing, microscopy. High priced metal platinum is involved in the production of chloroplatinic acid, which makes it a high priced compound. Fluctuations in demand for chloroplatinic acid from various industries, can affect the prices of chloroplatinic acid in the market. Chloroplatinic acid is also used in rubber industry, and in the platinum metal purification. Chloroplatinic acid also finds its uses as analytical reagent in laboratory analysis.

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Market Dynamics of Chloroplatinic Acid Market

Rise in demand for chloroplatinic acid from platinum catalyst manufacturing, in recent years

The industrial chemicals industry imbibes a profound rate of catalysts required for various chemical syntheses. Platinum based catalysts shares a significant share of the global catalyst market. The increasing demand for platinum based catalyst in turn is expected to augment the consumption of chloroplatinic acid. Large demand for chloroplatinic acid has also been observed in electroplating application, used in various industries including automotive, chemical and others.

Increasing regulations on the hazardous chemicals is a big challenge for the chloroplatinic acid market growth

The toxic nature of chloroplatinic acid makes it a hazardous chemical product. Rising restrictions on hazardous chemicals and increasing safety standards in various industries can be a restraining factor for chloroplatinic acid market growth. Rising standards for handling and storage of hazardous chemicals is also a challenging factor for the growth of the chloroplatinic acid market.

New applications of chloroplatinic acid are being explored through research and innovation

New developments have been observed in the applications of chloroplatinic acid. High demand from various catalyst manufacturing and electroplating applications is pushing the research and innovation in the chloroplatinic acid market. The increasing expectations of chemical industry from catalyst manufacturers is driving the use of chloroplatinic acid in the manufacturing of catalyst.

Global Market Segmentation

On the basis of applications, the global chloroplatinic acid market can be segmented as:

On the basis of end use end use industry, the global chloroplatinic acid market can be segmented as:

Other Industrial
Regional Outlook

Increasing demand for catalyst from Asia due to technology up gradation in various chemical plants, along with capacity expansion finds a major share of chloroplatinic acid in the region. High growth in consumption has made Asia Pacific a leading region all over the globe, in terms of its consumption. North America followed Asia Pacific in terms of chloroplatinic acid consumption. Europe also contribute a significant share in the global chloroplatinic acid demand. Stringent regulations in Europe on the handling and storage hazardous chemicals, coupled with other environmental regulations, are restraining the market growth in Europe. Latin America followed Europe, in terms of demand of chloroplatinic acid, whereas the growth in this market is also not significant compared to that in the Asia Pacific region. Although, Middle East & Africa market has very less penetration of chloroplatinic acid, its growth is expected to be high.

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Global Chloroplatinic Acid Market Participants

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of global chloroplatinic acid market are:

Honeywell International Inc.
Merck KGaA
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Toronto Research Chemicals
Ruiyuan Group Limited
Green Chemical Co., Ltd.
American Elements
DO Cheng Chem Material
Alfa Aesar
Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Xinglu Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd