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Chlorothalonil Market : Dynamics, Policy, Economic, Technology and Market Entry 2025

The global chlorothalonil market is predicted to exhibit backward integration as top companies could consider in-house production of raw material inputs.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2017 -- Global Chlorothalonil Market: Snapshot

Among other fungicide products such as strobilurin, metalaxyl, and mancozeb, chlorothalonil could be more prominently employed in the industry on account of its effective usages and multiple applications. The global chlorothalonil market is prophesied to gain traction due to extensive applications in the agricultural sector for the protection of crops from various classes of fungi or fungi spores. By bettering the quality of crops, chlorothalonil also helps to improve the amount of crop yields. However, the application of chlorothalonil could differ as per the type of crop.

Growing worldwide population expansively intensifying the demand for quality food is envisioned to promote a handsome growth in the global chlorothalonil market. The demand in the global chlorothalonil market could be significantly helped with on the back of rising worries pertinent to disease control. Vendors operating in the global chlorothalonil market are anticipated to be advantaged by business opportunities birthing from the diminishing size of arable land which calls for the application of effective fungicides. Major industry players could find more opportunities in the global chlorothalonil market with the growth of new organic products.

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The global chlorothalonil market is predicted to exhibit backward integration as top companies could consider in-house production of raw material inputs. In order to keep their products up to date and market oriented, companies could look to run testing and research centers, also at a regional level to meet the regional demands of consumers. With a handful of players envisaged to account for a substantial share, the global chlorothalonil market could hold a consolidated nature.

Global Chlorothalonil Market: Overview

Chlorothalonil is an organic compound which is used as a non-systemic, broad spectrum fungicide in the form of mothballs. Its solubility in water is low and volatility is high, due to which it is used to control moths, mold, mildew, bacteria and algae. At high concentrations, chlorothalonil acts as an effective pesticide. Chlorothalonil is used to control crop infestations and as an apparel fumigant. Industrially, chlorothalonil is used to prevent leather and other fabrics from mold and mildew attacks. Additionally, chlorothalonil is used as a wood protecting agent and also as an acaricide.

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Chlorothalonil is used as an insect repellant in a wide range of fruit crops and plantations. It is commercially available as an oil suspension and is applied to the base of trees especially for peach tree borer control. Additionally, it is used against powdery mildew, early and late blight and several types of rots and molds. Chlorothalonil is a systemic chemical; it is absorbed by the plants and cannot be washed off. It is commonly known by brand names Daconil, Bravo, and Echo. Chlorothalonil disrupts the enzymatic reactions in cells, leading to the death of insects. It is also widely used on golf courses, lawns, and turfs, and as preservative additive in paints, resins, coatings, and emulsions.

Global Chlorothalonil Market: Key Drivers and Trends

The growth rate of activities in agriculture, construction and woodwork, and leather production has ramped up over the recent past. There is a greatly increasing demand for food, leather products, as well as furniture and other wooden equipment, thereby giving rise to a greater demand for chlorothalonil. The agrarian economies of the world are expected to be the leaders in terms of consumption of chlorothalonil over the coming years as well.

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However, the use and manufacture of chlorothalonil is often cited as a serious detriment to the environment as well as human and animal health. This could severely hamper the growth of the global chlorothalonil market over the coming years. Key opportunities in this market are expected to lie in the use of bio-based substitutes that are milder on the environment. Reduction in the cost of manufacture of these bio-based substitutes by players from the global chlorothalonil market is expected to open new doors of business and expansion for them.

Global Chlorothalonil Market: Geographical Analysis

China is the leading producer as well as consumer of chlorothalonil in the world today. This nation uses chlorothalonil as an agro-chemical as well as an additive in paints, and emulsion preservatives. The U.S, Canada, South America and Western Europe are also strong producers of chlorothalonil at the moment.

The chemical is also used extensively in Brazil's agricultural applications. The flourishing paints and emulsion industry in South America is additionally attributed to the recent growth in the consumption of chlorothalonil from a global perspective. At the same time, other agrarian nations from the Indian subcontinent are likely to become key proponents of the global chlorothalonil market over the coming years.

Global Chlorothalonil Market: Top Companies Mentioned in the Report

The leading names in the global chlorothalonil market to date have been ABI Chemicals, AK Scientific, Angene, Bayer CropScience, Changzhou Wujin Henglong Pesticide Co. Ltd, GFS Chemicals, Finetech Industry, Green Chem Ltd, Hangzhou Uniwise International Co., Ltd, Ltd, Panpan Industry Co. Ltd, Sigma-Aldrich, Zibo Towin Chemical Co., LTD. TCI, and Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology Co. Ltd.

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