CHOE Technology Offers Its Newly Developed QI Standard Wireless Power Bank Charger


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- CHOE Technology is offering its newly developed QI standard wireless charger with power bank that is made for new phone units such as iPhone 4/4s iPhone5/5s, upcoming iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Note2, Note3, Nokia Lumia and HTC. The product is made to give people the ease of getting their phones charged easily even when they are travelling.

Since there are many people who are travelling to places where they cannot charge their phones easily, this product is sure to keep their phones charged at all times. The power bank is in good style, thin, small in size, good looking etc, the capacity could reach 10000mah, Wireless charger and power bank function combined together.

CHOE Technology made a wireless power bank that is powerful enough to keep any Smartphone always ready to be used. The product is designed to give people the ease of bringing their phones wherever they want since the product provides a charger and a power bank in one. All of the features of the product are sure to give people the convenience of keeping their phones charged and always ready to be used in action. It will not be a product that will take too much space on your pocket since the product is designed to be slim, sleek and attractive.

Through the use of the product, people are assured that they will have enough battery life to make sure that they can use their phones whenever and wherever they want. The use of the wireless power bank is sure to give people the ease of keeping their phones charged wherever they go.

CHOE Technology Co., Ltd is a company developing various accessories for gadgets that are sure to give convenience with the product that they are using. With the use of the product, enough battery life can be provided and Smartphones are sure to be charged fully wherever and whenever people are bringing it for their travel or tour.

“Convenient, beautiful, high efficiency, high quality,low price etc.”

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