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CHOE TECHNOLOGY Released World's First Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Charger with Multi Ports


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- CHOE TECHOLOGY is a brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing USB chargers, USB car chargers, wireless chargers and solar chargers, with an ambition to continue making the most advanced and high quality mobile device chargers and accessories. Recently the company released its newest product which is the world's first Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 charger with multi ports. The new charger has 6 ports which allow users to connect and charge almost any USB device, including Android, Apple phones, tablets and any other digital products that charge with a USB cord. The company believes that this new multi-port charger is the best choice for travelers and people on the go who use multiple mobile devices that require charging.

Generally for people who own more than one mobile devices or devices that via a USB port, also for families with multiple members and multiple mobile devices, charging the devices simultaneously can be a hassle and they find themselves running from one electrical outlet to another. CHOE TECHOLOGY's world's first Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 chargers with multi ports will change all that, the newly launched chargers feature 6 ports out of which 2 are Quick Charging ports, according to the company Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology that's has been applied to two of the ports can charge devices up to 75% faster (18w maximum) compared with regular conventional charger. This only saves a lot of hassle for the users it also saves time. Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge,HTC M9,Nexus 6,HTC Butterfly 2/HTC One M8,Moto X,Galaxy Note 4/Note Edge,Sharp Aquos Zeta/Aquos Tab, Sony Xperia Z2/Z3/Z3 Compact/Z2 Tablet/Z3 Tablet Compact, Xiaomi ¾ are phones that are compatible with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology.

All other types of mobile devices can be charged through the remaining 4 ports of the multi-ports charger, these are high-tech smart ports with Auto Detect Technology which can intelligently identify any device and offer the current accordingly for that device. This gives the CHOE TECHNOLOGY multi-ports charger the versatility to be used by most mobile devices users may have to charge. The chargers have a CE, FCC & RoHS certified design and 'A' grade materials and premium circuitry to ensure high performance and reliability. According to the product specification by the company the multi-ports charger's total output is DC 5V/9V/12V 60W.

CHOE Adaptive Fast Charger Turbo Charger with Qualcomm Technology is available at:

CHOE TECHNOLOGY specializes in designing and manufacturing USB chargers, USB car chargers, wireless chargers and solar chargers. The company aims to continue making most advanced and high quality products.

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