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CHOETECH Releases New and Innovative Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S5


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- China-based third-party applied tech company CHOETECH has released a new, exciting and innovative Qi wireless charger for the Samsung Galaxy S5 which will not affect the smartphone’s waterproof feature.

As it stands, the Samsung Galaxy S5 features state of the art water resistant technology for its users as long as the device’s battery case and charger port lids are shut tight. This may not appeal heavily to die-hard S5 fans who are fond of going to the pool for an extended period of time and like to use their phone a lot.

CHOETECH, however, has devised an innovative way of allowing users to charge their phone while still underwater thanks to their new product, the Qi charger. For an affordable and competitive price, S5 users will now be able to charge their devices while on water, extending the time – and fun brought by – using the phone.

The main concern for the product is its faithfulness in rendering service to the original. Indeed, not only does the Qi charger allow user to charge their S5 underwater (something the original and official Samsung wireless charger will not allow users to), it also charges the phone as fast as the original. This, compounded with its very low price (less than half of wha the orginal charger costs), makes the Qi charger a first choice, no brainer purchase for S5 users.

Upon purchase of the wireless charger, the charging pad as well as the charging receiver are all included in the package. Installation is quick, easy and very convenient. The charging pad also offers a sleek easy placement, ridding the user of the need to find a charging spot similar to using a normal wireless charger.

To know more about the product or read user feedback on the exciting new Qi charger, users can access their Amazon page at

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