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CHOETECH Releases Turbo Charger USB Charger Compatible with Quick Charge 2.0


Ann Arbor, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- CHOETECH is a developer that specializes in making various battery chargers such as wireless chargers, quick usb chargers and solar chargers, the company has recently released a quick charger that is compatible with devices that have Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology including Nexus 6, HTC Butterfly 2/HTC One M8, Moto X, Galaxy Note 4/Note Edge, Sharp Aquos Zeta/Aquos Tab, Sony Xperia Z2/Z3/Z3 Compact/Z2 Tablet/Z3 Tablet Compact, Xiaomi ¾. Despite its recent release the charger has been receiving high ratings and positive feedback from users.

CHOE quick charger is similar with Moto Turbo Charger, and is designed by CHOTECH for people who are travelling around and would like their device batteries to charge faster to keep pace with their fast paced life. Compared to regular chargers that come with the device, CHOETECH claims that their turbo charger can charge a device 75% faster. A seller of the turbo charger explained: "The Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology reduces charging time by up to 75%, which is exceptionally faster than most other chargers available out there, especially the traditional regular chargers that come with the device." He added: "These chargers have been designed with cutting edge technology to provide the over-current, over-heating, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection for safe charging."

Waiting while a phone battery charges is be a tedious task that most cellphone users would like to hasten through, but are unable to do so their regular chargers are not powerful enough. This charger works similar with Motorola turbo charger and Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger. It has been designed to work worldwide with an AC Input Voltage 110-240V, it can automatically adjust its output voltage from 5V to 9V and 12v according to the protocal between the charger and compatible devices, and with a lightweight and portable wall charger design, the CHOE Turbo Charge is easy to carry around.

The CHOETECH Adaptive Fast Charger Turbo Charger with Qualcomm Technology has earned 5 star rating from majority of the users on Amazon, Sarah T. Plante wrote:

"Works as expected. I tried another brand that didn't fast-charge, but this one works fine with my Galaxy Note 4. Wow a wall charger that charged my smartphone much faster than a standard wall charger. My smartphone was at eight percent 7:55PM to seventy percent 9:10pm with some mild play that's one hour and fifteen minutes very happy here. I would recommend it."

The Adaptive Fast Charger Turbo Charger with Qualcomm Technology is available for $16.99 on

CHOETECH quick charge 2.0 compatible chargers charge Motorola droid turbo, Google nexus 6 and many other devices 75% quicker than normal chargers. For more information and to buy, please visit:

Name: Johnson
Company: CHOE Technology Co.,Ltd
2136, Glencoe Hills Dr,
APT 7, Ann Arbor,
MI 48108