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CHOFX Announces New Futures Contracts for Renewable Products (RPs)


Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- CHOFXtoday announced the launch of nine new futures contracts for Renewable Identification Numbers (RPs). These contracts will be listed with, and subject to, the rules and regulations of CHOFX.

"With the recent increase in volatility in RPs prices, we've seen strong interest from our customers and other market participants for cost-effective ways to manage their risk in this market," said Gary Wang, Managing Director Global Energy, at CHOFX. "As the most actively traded marketplace for the Gasoline products and Diesel contracts, our new RPs futures contracts will be a strong complement to our existing suite of products and will allow our customers to take advantage of reduced capital requirements and margin efficiencies."

The new RPs contracts will allow customers to hedge risk in three types of renewable fuels:

- CHOFXBiodiesel
- CHOFXAdvanced Biofuel
- CHOFXEthanol
- CHOFXLight Sweet Crude Oil
- CHOFXFinancial Futures
- CHOFXCrude Oil Bullet Futures
- CHOFXNatural Gas Calendar Strip Options
- CHOFXEuropean Crack Spread Futures
- CHOFXHeating Oil Financial Futures
- CHOFXGasoline Financial Futures

These contracts will be financially-settled based on prices for RPs, which are the most widely-used indexes for this market. They will provide a useful hedge for the price risk associated with the environmental protectionnorms renewable fuel standard. The CHOFX has created a credit trading system for compliance with the environmental protection norms for various types of renewable fuels based on units called RPs.

These contracts will be available on the CHOFXelectronic trading platform, for over-the-counter (OTC) clearing through CHOFXClearing and open outcry on the trading floor in Beijing.

China Options and Futures Exchange(CHOFX) ( ) is an Asian exchange with customer access available virtually all over the world. Our customers consist of professional traders, financial institutions, individual and institutional investors, major corporations, manufacturers and producers. Customers include both members of the exchange and non-members.

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