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CHOFX's ( New Trading Platform to Offer Faster Trading Capabilities


Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- CHOFX ( announced that it has concluded to move its Forex market trading activity onto CHOFX Commodities technology platform.

The migration promises that CHOFX members will benefit from executing transactions almost 400 times faster than the present Forex market trading solution.

The agreement will also see the CHOFX's trading system relocated from Singapore to Beijing, enhancing operational efficiencies and ensuring trading optimization for market participants.

The CHOFX Client Terminal is designed to enhance trading performance by providing a user-friendly and feature-rich trading environment which can be customized to each client's personal requirements. The CHOFX Client Terminal is the ideal trading platform for advanced traders seeking a competitive edge.

Advanced charting technology coupled with sophisticated order-management tools helps clients to monitor and control your positions quickly and efficiently.

Leanne May Seen, CHOFX Chief Operating Officer and Head of the Forex Market comments on the agreement: "We are excited about working with CHOFX Beijing and providing benefits to our market using their technology solutions".

Leanne May Seen is confident that the adoption of the new trading system will increase the Forex volumes traded on the CHOFX and therefore liquidity: "In our experience, whenever we take a step forward with our trading technology, trading volumes also follow. If we want to remain a world-class and relevant exchange in a highly competitive industry, we must remain abreast of technological advances."

CHOFX Price Improvement (CHOFX PI™) Technology intelligently routes FX orders to detect market hot-spots and deliver optimal pricing. Gain a complete market view with 24 Additional Tradable Currency Pairs. Our New Market Depth display in CHOFX Client Terminal enables analysis of FX market order book and liquidity tiers.

About China Options and Futures Exchange (CHOFX)
CHOFX ( is an Asian exchange with customer access available virtually all over the world. Our customers consist of professional traders, financial institutions, individual and institutional investors, major corporations, manufacturers and producers. Customers include both members of the exchange and non-members. We offer our customers the opportunity to trade futures contracts and options on futures contracts on a range of products including those based on interest rates, equities, foreign exchange, agricultural commodities, energy, and metals. We also clear over-the-counter contracts on a range of product lines including interest rate swaps, credit default swaps, foreign exchange, energy and agricultural products.

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