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Choice MedWaste Helps Advise on OSHA Standards for Disaster Cleanup


Newark, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2017 -- Business owners looking to learn more about how to keep their employees safe during disasters are turning to Choice MedWaste for assistance not only with biohazard waste disposal in Philadelphia, PA, but also information about OSHA standards related to other special disposals as well.

With the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, now is the right time for employers to keep information about how to protect employees should they need to clean up after a disaster strikes.

Disaster cleanup can often be a dangerous job because employees may be tasked with removing material that they are not familiar with or have never handled before. Some of these hazards can be mitigated with assistance from OSHA guidelines and proper training.

For example, through contaminated sewage and flood water can contain harmful bacteria and other waste material, workers who need to do their jobs around an area of flooding can minimize their risk by following OSHA standards for working near flood waters, including getting an up-to-date tetanus shot, wearing waterproof boots, and using ventilation techniques to clear mold and fungus from a flooded area.

However, there are other areas that OSHA specifies untrained employees not attempt to work in because the risk for harm is immediate. Live wires should only be handled by trained and equipped electrical workers, and medical waste removal companies in Philadelphia, PA should be notified immediately of any biohazard to ensure safe removal.

Businesses interested in learning more about proper medical waste removal in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania should contact Choice MedWaste at 302-262-8261 today for more information.

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