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Choice MedWaste Helps Dental Offices Comply with EPA Amalgam Separator Rule


Newark, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2018 -- Dental offices who are in need of a biohazard company in Philadelphia, PA to help them ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Amalgam Separator Rule are being encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste as soon as possible to avoid fines and infractions.

Choice MedWaste understands the new EPA regulations and is committed to helping local dental offices dispose of their byproducts while minimizing inconvenience and harm to the environment.

Mercury has long been known to cause irreversible harm to the environment, and in some cases has even been found to affect the quality of drinking water after its introduction to public treatment facilities. Though dental offices are one of the main producers of mercurial waste (an estimated 40% of mercury put into the environment originates from the dental industry, according to research by the EPA), these offices have not faced a large amount of regulation until now.

The Amalgam Separator Rule is a new introduction by the EPA to help dental offices curb the amount of mercury they contribute to the environment. It requires that dental offices treat the byproducts of mercury amalgam fillings as a special waste, and take steps to neutralize the mercury components of removed fillings before disposal. The amalgam should not go into the medical waste containers; however, medical waste companies, like Choice MedWaste, have services to dispose of it properly. This rule will apply to all Dental Dischargers, as defined by the EPA.

Anyone who is in need of more information on the Amalgam Separator Rule or would like to schedule an appointment for medical waste disposal in Newark, DE is encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste. Their team can be reached by calling 302-262-8261 or visiting them online at and filling out a contact form.

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