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Choice MedWaste Helps Healthcare Facilities Practice the Proper Disposal of Sharps


Newark, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2017 -- As the most common form of medical waste, it's crucial for healthcare providers to follow strict guidelines when disposing of sharps. From needles, syringes, scalpels and slides to cover slips, pipettes and blood tubes, sharps represent the highest potential for injury and exposure. That's why they must all be packaged in rigid, sealed, puncture-resistant containers before being placed in a transport container, or medical waste box. Needless to say, the improper disposal of sharps in Philadelphia, PA, or any other city for that matter, can lead to serious health risks among patients, staff and visitors.

Fortunately, Choice MedWaste, a licensed medical waste disposal company, offers a full line of services designed around the proper disposal and removal of biohazardous waste. In fact, they offer multiple sizes of sharps containers that range from 5 quarts to 18 Gallon via their website. Their staff can also work with healthcare providers to help them figure out the best solution and schedule for the removal of sharps or any other form of medical waste.

No matter what type of services a healthcare facility may need to ensure full compliance, Choice MedWaste has it covered. From internal training and compliance software to scheduled pickups, labels and containers, their staff will help design a customized plan to suit your needs.

Choice MedWaste does not charge additional fees for extra stops during regular business hours, and customers never have to feel pressured to produce medical waste at every pick up. Although other companies may charge a minimal pick-up fee, no matter if there's waste or not, this is not the case with Choice MedWaste; their goal is to change these experiences by putting the customers' needs first and, in turn, showing them the brighter side of safely handling the disposal and removal of biohazardous waste.

To learn more about sharps disposal containers in Philadelphia, PA, MD or DE, or any of the other services or products available through Choice MedWaste, fill out a contact form on their website or call 302-232-5906 to speak with a member of their staff today.

About Choice MedWaste
Choice MedWaste is licensed to provide medical waste disposal services in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. For years, they have been offering solutions for everything and anything associated with medical waste. Their team of medical waste experts are committed to providing customers with exceptional value while exceeding their expectations of the medical waste industry. Through comprehensive training programs, Choice MedWaste is committed to educating customers about medical waste disposal standards and the practices they require.

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