Mariah Evans

Cholesterol-Lowering Supplement Cholestifin Is Launched on the Internet


Uniondale, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2017 -- High cholesterol significantly increases the risk of developing heart attack and stroke. Fortunately, today plenty of effective treatment options are available. Harmful cholesterol levels can almost always be lowered with a combination of weight loss, exercise, appropriate medications and supplements. When lipid levels fall, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease decreases, which results in a lower risk of getting a heart attack or stroke. In fact, high cholesterol must be treated in any case.

Natural or complementary treatments for high cholesterol not only control cholesterol levels, but lower blood pressure and improve heart health. Several natural products have been clinically proven to reduce cholesterol. These are Astragalus, Hawthorn, Flaxseed, fish with omega-3 fatty acids, garlic, and red yeast rice. The newly manufactured supplement for treating high cholesterol contains some of these - Hawthorn and Omega-3. The other active ingredients in product's composition are L-carnitine and beta-glucan. L-carnitine helps maintain water balance and removes fat. Beta-glucan is rich in fibre and very quickly reduces cholesterol levels. Cholestifin supplement has been produced in the USA, but now is available in Europe, Asia and South America.

Cholestifin drops are intended to remove cholesterol and fat deposits, thus minimizing and subsequently eliminating the risk of heart attack and stroke. The liquid is packed in 50 ml bottle, which is enough for 2-months daily usage.