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Choline Chloride Market Latest Trends, Demand and Analysis 2023


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2018 -- Choline chloride is a quarternary ammonium salt that contains chloride anion and choline cation. In the laboratory, chloline is mainly prepared by the methylation of the dimethylethanolamine with the methyl chloride. However, in the industries Davy's Process Technology is the most widely used process to manufacture choline chloride. This process manufactures choline chloride from the hydrochloric acid, ethylene oxide and trimethylamine or from the pre-formed salts. Choline chloride is an essential nutrient that is required for the optimum animal growth. Choline chloride induces animal growth through building and maintaining cell structure as well as its function. Choline chloride is mainly associated with the synthesis as well as metabolism of betaine, methionine, serine, cystein, glycine and many other methyl containing biological compounds.

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Rising disposable income coupled with the better standard of living has increased the consumption of poultry which in turn is expected to boost the overall demand for the choline chloride market. In addition, the increase in the favor for poultry that that compared to pork or beef has further accelerated the demand for the choline chloride. Choline chloride is a derivative of the methylamine which is primarily used as a vitamin substitute or as supplements in the animal feed additives for fish farming, swine feed and poultry. Choline chloride is mainly classified as a vitamin B-complex which is essential for a large number of vital biological functions. Choline chloride is also known for its various uses in the form of catalyst, curing agents and neutralizing agent.

Choline deficiency in the growing chicks is known to cause poor growth, inefficient use of feed and perosis. Major factors driving the overall growth of the choline chloride market are the growing consumption of poultry egg and meat coupled with the growing demand for meats especially in Asia Pacific. In addition, the increasing awareness for the feed supplements among the various end users has boosted the overall growth of the choline chloride market. The increasing population coupled with the growing demand for luxury food has boosted the overall growth of the poultry industry. Thus, with the growing poultry industry there is an increase in the demand for choline chloride.

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Asia Pacific is the largest market for Choline chloride. Asia Pacific is mainly driven by the rapid growth in China as a major consumer for the choline chloride market. Asia Pacific is expected to garner the largest share of the global choline chloride market. The central and the South American market and the far eastern countries are primarily expected to be the fastest growing markets for choline chloride. Europe is expected to be the next largest market for the choline chloride market.