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Chongqing DCHCoast Manufactures Variety of Advanced Optical Instruments

Chongqing DCHCoast is a Chinese import and export company involved in manufacturing various advanced optical instruments such as astronomical telescope, binocular, laser range finder, etc.


Chongqing, Dadukou -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- Optics is a vast branch of physics and is also one of the most developed fields of study. The invention of telescope by Galileo Galilee was one of the earliest major inventions made in the field. Research & development in the field continue to date. Companies like Chongqing DCHCoast Import & Export Ltd. have played significant role in it by producing variety of instruments such as laser diode module, laser diode, rifle scope tube, night vision goggle, astronomical telescope, monocular, binocular, laser rangefinder, etc. The company has strong portfolio of products as it produces a number models in each category.

DCHCoast has worked closely with original design manufacturers (ODM) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partners for years. As a result, the company can provide wide selection of optical and outdoor instruments with excellent service. The design philosophy of the Chinese manufacturer is ‘Green and Lasting’, which ensures that it not only maintains pace with latest technology but also cares for the ecological wellbeing of the Earth. In short, innovative products are manufactured with lesser impact on the natural environment to create an all-round win-win situation for technology and ecology.

Astronomical telescope can be said to be the most advanced of all products manufactured by DCHCoast. It produces both Newtonian Reflector Telescope and Refractor Telescope. Apparently, telescopes are known to all because of the popular depiction of Galileo watching the sky through one of them. Technically, they are instruments that concentrate and focus light onto a surface to make objects that are far off in the sky visible. Telescopes typically focus visible spectrum of light, i.e., VIBGYOR. There are 3 primary types of telescopes. They are: refractors or dioptrics, which uses lenses; reflectors or catoptrics, which uses mirrors and catadioptrics, which use both mirrors and lenses. Telescopes are used for other purposes besides astronomical observations too.

Similarly, night vision goggles and laser range finders that DCHCoast manufactures also have extensive use in wide range activities. For instance, defence operations that are carried out in deserts or jungles in low light condition at nights are the first thing that comes to mind when night-vision is discussed. Similarly, it assists in spying for good too. DCHCoast has 16 different models of night vision instruments. On the other hand, laser range finders are typically used by personnel in defence, law enforcement and other authorities. They are used for precise calculation of distance to an object. They are based on projection of light beam and its subsequent reflection from the target. However, the advancement in optics has paved way for types of laser range finder. DCHCoast produces 18 different laser range finders.

About DCHCoast Import & Export Co. Ltd.
DCHCoast Import & Export Co. Ltd. is based in Chongqing, southwest of China. The company manufactures and sells optical instruments in collaboration global ODM and OEM partners. Its portfolio includes laser range finders, binoculars, astronomical telescope, monocular, spotting scopes, night-vision goggles and laser modules & diodes.


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