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Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Annuity schemes are useful as major retirement savings plans that protect people from outliving all their money. A number of annuity plans are available nowadays, but it is always necessary to select the best plan suiting the financial condition and future requirements. is an online source founded by David Novak with the purpose of providing a wide range of annuity plans, strategies and solutions to clients. This service provider aims to educate customers with relevant information, for the purpose of choosing the right Immediate, Indexed or Fixed annuity scheme suiting the unique situation.

The professional team of guarantees to advise clients regarding the achievement of a successful and desired financial future. David Novak is said to answer the calls of clients directly and provide valuable advice to preserve their capitals and secure their retirement lives.

A client of says, “You provided us with sound advice sharing your knowledge and handling our request with professionalism and care, it seems to be a rarity to find someone that provides this kind of service.”

Services offered by include Retirement Planning, Asset Protection, Income Planning, Wealth Accumulation, Tax Planning, Revocable Living Trust Funding, Estate Planning, Life Insurance and Tax Planning. In addition, consumers can also benefit from Long Term Care Protection, IRA Legacy Planning, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Annuity Planning, IRA, 401 (k), Thrift Saving Plan, 403(b) Rollovers and other services. usually holds one-on-one consultation facilities, webinars and seminars to educate people with the latest unbiased facts and information related to retirement and lifetime costs. The system followed by the Annuity Educator team covers identification of retirement goals, compilation of data, analyzing, preparation, implementation and follow-up.

The website says, “This site was developed to help you get a broad understanding of what annuities are, the types of annuities for retirement available and how they may help you in planning your financial future.”

Only a well-trained, professional and experienced financial agent can help clients in selecting the best plans for investment to safeguard their future. Annuity Educator is backed by several years of experience in providing viable plans and solutions to customers with high success rates.

This boutique insurance agency ensures matching clients with appropriate plans on the basis of specific needs regardless of the product or company. Prospective service seekers can go through the reviews and testimonials of customers who have already benefitted from the plans of

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About is a non-biased and independent boutique insurance agency founded by David Novak who is also the Managing Director and founder of First American Advisors, Inc. aims to provide reliable annuity plans and strategies to customers.

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