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Choose the Correct Cooking Woods for the Best Results at Springtime Barbecues


Norwalk, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- The sun is shining, birds are chirping, days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer -- it sounds like barbecue season is fast approaching. Premier Firewood Company is a leading provider of cooking woods for both restaurant and residential usage, and helps consumers make the correct choice of cooking woods to ensure the best results when it's time to break out the smoker or the grill.

For home barbecuing and smoking, there's a great deal of flexibility in terms of which types of woods can be selected. The type of wood chosen will impact flavor and taste qualities, and may be paired better with some types of foods than others.

Popular choices for cooking wood include oak, hickory, cherry and apple, and mixing these woods to create unique flavor profiles is also common. For instance, mix apple and cherry for a sweet and fruity flavor for poultry, or offset robust hickory with oak and apple for those award-winning ribs family members always seem to be craving.

Another decision will be the size or type of cut selected. For smoking, chips, chunks and pellets of saw dust can all be used. There's no single correct answer, however, each form of cooking wood needs to be utilized in different ways to maximize results.

Chunks burn slower, of course, releasing smoke slowly for long periods of time, while chips burn fast, and release high levels of smoke in quicker times. Chips may be pre-soaked to prevent immediate burning, or either wrapped in tinfoil or placed over indirect heat for the same effect.

Premier Firewood Company is a leading supplier of kiln dried firewood and cooking wood, serving Connecticut and New York. Their cooking woods are widely used at restaurants throughout the region, but are also popular for home barbecue enthusiasts as well. Orders are cut to order and cooking woods can be sold loose or in bundles.

To place an order for home delivery or to ask any questions about selecting the correct cooking woods for home barbecuing and smoking usage, call 203.866.4252, or visit the company online for more information at

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