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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- Research has shown that working out with a partner is an excellent way to stay motivated and make progress on fitness goals. Many choose friends as partners, but other seek out professional support in the form of a personal trainer. When deciding to hire a trainer to assist in reaching fitness goals, here are several things to consider.

No matter what the fitness goal is, a trainer should be credentialed through a trusted organization to assure that they can help a person reach their goals safely and effectively. The National Commissions for Certifying Agencies is the organization in charge of making sure trainers meet certain standards of professionalism and conduct. Ask a trainer what their credentials are during the initial hiring process to ensure that their legitimate in their chosen profession.

In addition to credentials, trainers should also be asked about their experience history. How long have they been training? What kinds of training have they done (weight loss, weight gain, and athletic performance) and how do they handle injuries when they happen? These are important questions to consider when choosing a trainer for an individual fitness goal. Styles can also be considered as well. Some trainers have additional certifications in yoga, or specific exercises such as TRX or Crossfit style workouts. Consider these when making and setting goals to work on with a chosen fitness professional.

Much of the choice will come down to cost, which should be discussed in early meetings, but ti’s also important to gauge training style with individual personalities. A person seeking a trainer should know how they want to be motivated, and what kind of approach they want their trainer to take with them. Do they want encouraging support with lots of hand-holding and guidance, or do they need a firm hand to guide and push them beyond what they believe their body capable of? The more a trainer knows what a person expects from them, the better the team can work together to accomplish fitness goals.

Hiring a trainer is a big decision, and one well worth some thought on what a person desires and what certain trainers can offer them. Working together, any fitness or wellness goal is possible with support, guidance, and effort from both parties.

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