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Choosing the Best Flea, Tick Pet Medicine is Now Easy Thanks to AdvantixvsFrontline.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2011 -- As a pet owner, people have to make all kinds of important decisions regarding the well-being of their dog or cat. From what kinds of toys are safe for play to the best pet food to purchase, it can be overwhelming and a little nerve-wrecking to figure out the healthiest choices.

One of the most important decisions a pet owner has to make is the type of flea and tick control medicine to give their pet. And with several different products on the market, all claiming to be No. 1, it is necessary to do the proper research to determine which one is the best.

Recently launched, AdvantixvsFrontline.com helps pet owners take the guess-work out of picking the best flea control medicine. The new site, started out of a married couple’s love for animals, compares two of the most popular brands of flea and tick medicine, K9 Advantix II vs Frontline Plus. With unbiased details about these top two brands, the site offers information regarding their active ingredients, how they are applied, any risks or adverse reactions they may cause, and the costs associated with them.

Hearing a dog or cat scratching as a result of fleas can be almost as hard for a pet owner as it is for the pet. Comparing the top two flea and tick control medicines, K9 Advantix vs Frontline, the new site offers pet owners authoritative information from actual users and other trusted sources.

With the number of the pet products owners have to purchase, it is only natural for them to be concerned with cost. In addition to important product use information, AdvantixvsFrontline.com offers owners price comparisons.

According to George Branson, founder of AdvantixvsFrontline.com, “I have been buying pet medications on the Internet almost since the Internet began, and I have bought from all of the top merchants online and many of the smaller discount sellers. I know who delivers quality products at a good price, on time and who doesn’t. I compare Advantix vs Frontline prices every month and publish the best deals right here on this website.”

Besides comparing K9 Advantix vs Frontline Plus, the site also includes insightful articles regarding flea and tick pet care, such as “Flea Allergy Dermatitis in Dogs.”

About AdvantixvsFrontline.com
AdvantixvsFrontline.com is a new site dedicated to bringing pet owners accurate and first-hand information about the two top brands of pet medicine on the market. Founded by a husband and wife with years of pet owner experience, the site offers objective reviews and authoritative research sure to help owners make the best choices for their pets. For more information, visit http://AdvantixvsFrontline.com