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Choosing the Right Career with Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test


Surat, Gujarat -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- In the modern world, choosing the right career path is important if any person wants to become successful. Most parents want to find their kids’ talents and help them grow in that direction to encourage a bright future. Being able to procure some tools and techniques that help parents identify the strong points in their children has numerous advantages. One such excellent tool that is now available is the dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test. This test helps exploring the interest and strong areas of an individual irrespective of his or her age. A person’s finger prints are used to determine his or her hidden capabilities that help to choose the right career path.

Dermatoglyphics is a branch of science that studies the patterns of the dermal ridges found on the human toes and fingers. The technique was developed research experts and scientists from well-known institutions across the world. The methodology is based on the knowledge acquired through psychology, embryology, neuroscience, and genetics. It is a scientific approach that helps in discovering the talents and innate capabilities especially among children below sixteen years of age. Parents are able to effectively communicate with their children based on the natural nature of the kids. Adults can use the test results for self-evaluation and understanding the compatibility with their partners and business associates. In addition, they will better understand their strengths and use them to perform better in their personal lives and careers. If someone is contemplating further studies or a career shift can effectively use the results of this test to make an informed decision.

Some benefits of the DMIT software include understanding the recurring patterns in certain relationships. The individuals are able to become aware on the various areas within their brains that are either under emphasized or over emphasized. Parents can comprehend their child’s natural personality and apply the right learning methods. In this way, stress and conflicts that may last for the entire lifetime can be easily avoided. The tutors can understand the abilities of every child and effectively communicate with the parents. Schools can establish multiple intelligence databases and segregate the children in various classes depending on their capabilities. Companies can choose candidates with the right capabilities and facilitate improved communication channels within the organizations. The management can implement improved human resource strategies that are based on the traits exhibited by the employees.

This concept has become popular in various countries, such as China and Russia. The DMIT test in India remains untapped and has significant scope for tremendous growth. Some factors that will drive this growth include saving time and money towards irrelevant courses, providing the ability to customize the training as per the child’s capability, and helping adults identify the appropriate leadership and learning skills. A person can test and determine his or her IQ, EQ, and CQ levels and plan for the future in such a manner that ensures their success and growth. Companies can reorganize their workforce to enhance the productivity and can choose the right candidates for the right kind of job. For additional information, visit

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