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Choosing the Right Exercise Clothing


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- If exercise and physical activity is a priority, a person must have the right equipment to make it a daily habit. Part of the right equipment includes the proper workout clothing for the activity one is engaging in. T-shirts may seem a cheap and appropriate option, but as the body changes and styles of exercise advance, a person will begin to look for more comfortable, functional styles of clothing to enhance their overall performance.

Part of exercise is sweat, and when wearing a t-shirt or a sweat suit the body will sweat and saturate the clothing, making it cling to the body and increase heat. This can make one uncomfortable, not to mention unsafe. Long sweat pants could be tripped over, or t-shirts can get caught on equipment or fly up over the head blocking a person’s view of another participant in a class, or where they’re at in their run.

If t-shirts are desired, make sure they are form fitting and moisture wicking to protect and cool the body. Otherwise, form fitting clothes specifically designed to remove sweat from the body are the best bet. Pants should stop at the ankles if they’re longer, or choose shorts during warmer seasons to stay cool.

Also keep in mind the kind of activity one will be engaging in. While running may require somewhat looser clothing, yoga does not and should be comfortably fit to the body, but not restrictive or too tight. Clothes that are too tight can cause chafing, which is why form-fitting clothes with a little room are preferable. Again, choosing materials that are designed specifically to wick away moisture is the best option.

Besides being functional and comfortable, choosing workout clothes that fit and look stylish will make a person feel more confident as they enter the gym or hit the streets for a run. Confidence when working out means more effort, and a higher likelihood that the person will stick with the program long-term. If exercising or becoming more active is a goal one wishes to accomplish, buying stylish, comfortable, and affordable exercise clothing will help a person down the path to wellness.

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