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Chorus Communications Announces 2015 "Party at the Planetarium"


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- Chorus Technology's 2015 Fall Forum set an exceptional precedent. The event, which will be held annually going forward, aimed at being the most prominent learning seminar and networking event in the telecommunications and cloud industries. The 2015 Fall Forum was held at the Franklin Institute, and has been dubbed the "Party at the Planetarium" because of its venue: the world-famous Fels Planetarium.

The 2015 Fall Forum's main aim was to foster an environment where businesses and professionals can congregate and share information in a cutting-edge, collaborative format. Too often, it is the case that competition gets in the way of progress for growing industries. With that in mind, Chorus Technology's 2015 Fall Forum set its sights on engaging competitors in coopetition, a concept in which competitors in an emerging field cooperate to forge ahead and grow.

Chorus Technology's 2015 Fall Forum doubled as a unique learning experience and a can't-miss networking opportunity for industry professionals. Attendees heard presentations from a panel consisting of the top-performing agents and partners in the Chorus Communication community. This year's panelists included Alura Business Solutions, Comcast Business, Profound Technologies, PGi, and Evolve IP.

Following the presentation segment of the 2015 Fall Forum, those in attendance were treated to a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity to network under the stars at the Fels Planetarium. It's one thing to hear from industry leaders about what makes them successful, but it's quite another thing to socialize with them in an environment like the Fels Planetarium.

Those who want to cultivate, educate, and let loose with leaders in the telecommunications and cloud industries for future events like the Fall Forum are encouraged to contact Buffy Harakidas by phone at 215-600-0009 or via email at

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