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Chorus Communications Explains How Companies Benefit from Cybersecurity Services During Quarantine


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2020 -- Efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 have led many non-essential businesses to switch to work-from-home models indefinitely, which has presented its own unique challenges. It's clear that remote work has to be the new norm for a while, and companies in every sector are trying to adjust. For managers with concerns about data management and security, the experts at Chorus Communications explain how business telecom services can maximize efficiency while working from home.

One common concern shared by companies trying to maintain normalcy amid coronavirus measures is how to handle web security. There are additional security threats posed when employees begin bringing all of their work computers and devices home with them indefinitely. Companies must consider how to keep sensitive data secure on employees' devices while they're working from home. With cybersecurity solutions by Chorus, companies can equip devices with the right protections to protect against malware and sensitive data theft. IT managers can also filter data by security level and manage it accordingly, so that no sensitive information is ever left unprotected or incorrectly prioritized.

Companies are also concerned about sensitive data loss while employees are working at home. If information is incorrectly managed or stored on a device, the possibility remains that the data could become corrupted and cause serious problems for the company in charge of protecting it. Chorus' cybersecurity services allow users to back up their sensitive data so that it's protected in the event of a loss. Having their data secured in these circumstances can help companies avoid potentially damaging losses as a result of corrupted or stolen data.

COVID-19 prevention measures present unique challenges to all non-essential companies trying to succeed, but with the right web security measures in place, it is possible to maintain efficiency and productivity throughout the pandemic. Anyone who is interested in learning more about what hosted VOIP services and mobile device management can do for their company is encouraged to visit Chorus Communications online for more information.

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