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Chris Allen Discusses Positive Impact of 407 Extension with Mayor Ryan


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- The 407 extension and the long proposed Pickering Airport project would increase access to a whole section of the Greater Toronto area, creating great opportunities in the Pickering Area real estate market. This according to leading commercial real estate agent Chris Allen, who had the chance to discuss the matter with Pickering Mayor David Ryan at a Treble Victor dinner.

“As a former resident of Pickering I have some very ambitious ideas for commercial real estate development in this area, the highway 407 extension is going to make a whole pile of land, and a large area of the Greater Toronto Area easier to access.” Says Chris Allen, “My conversation with Mayor Ryan focused on the need to maximize the quality of the commercial development which would be opened by the extension and in the future with the proposed Pickering Airport site. Cooperation from all levels of government would be needed to see an airport built in the future.”

As Toronto’s Real Estate Authority and a part of the team at Slavens & Associates, Chris Allen is constantly on the lookout for opportunity in the Greater Toronto real estate market. This includes taking the time to research, meet with decision makers and understand the trends in commercial real estate before they happen.

Mark Walden & Don Ludlow originally established the Treble Victor Group, as The Pinnacle Group in 2007. The group’s objective is to help its members successfully transition from military to civilian life by providing mutual support, friendship and connections to help members secure rewarding and successful careers in their post military lives.

Chris Allen is a leading Toronto Real Estate agent with a focus on commercial and investment property deals. He became involved in real estate after his 10-year career with the Canadian Forces, and service overseas in Afghanistan. In the years since he started practicing real estate he has built a partnership with George Ross, star of the Apprentice, where Ross serves as a strategic advisor. Additionally in 2012 he was appointed to the Canada National Defense Policy Committee. He has also worked with celebrities, athletes, and businessmen including Deadmau5, Australian Olympian Steven Bradbury, and entrepreneur and author Com Mirza.

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