Chris Allen Turns Down Television Opportunity


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- Chris Allen continues his work and dedication to Toronto and the real estate markets as a whole, and because of his intensive dedication, he has turned down another chance to appear on television.

A new television program set to premiere on HGTV and Netflix based on currently popular real estate and renovation shows. The show, Real Estate Wars Canada, is in pre-production stages and will be airing on Canadian and American networks.

Allen was flattered and honoured for the opportunity, but because of personal reasons and current engagements, he has had to decline.

He has valid reasons for his decision.

Allen is currently full with his philanthropies, engagements and a thriving, successful real estate practice. Taking time away from any of these would be grossly unfair to the many people whom he has committed to serve.

“I cannot take time from anyone or anything. I have a hard enough time to say 'no,' to any worthy cause or chance to show off our wonderful [Toronto], so it was a very difficult decision to turn this opportunity down,” said Allen.

This is not the first time this opportunity has arisen.

Back in 2013, Allen had the opportunity to star on an American program focusing on luxury real estate.

He turned down the chance for similar reasons.

“I was in the process of finishing my book and starting several other opportunities within Toronto, including filling the role of President & CEO of a federal political party riding association. It was too much, and for me, that is significant,” said Allen.

Allen turns to his experience as a veteran to explain why he is so involved.

“Many wonder when I sleep, and I think it is my service that has made a difference in that. However, I do not plan on stopping now. There are too many people who depend on me professionally and personally,” said Allen.

Meanwhile, Allen is still happy helping anyone find the perfect home in Toronto.

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