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Chris Cummins Taps Into the Human Side of Business

Seasoned Keynote Speaker Chris Cummins Utilizes The Black Box Method to Create a Customized Experience Designed to Take Companies Where They Want to Go


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2016 -- Chris Cummins is a seasoned keynote speaker on sales, leadership, and personal development. He speaks to audiences of all shapes and sizes. Whether a senior leader or a seasonal hire, business professionals appreciate Chris's unique ability to deliver highly-customized, educational content in a hilarious, approachable and real-world style. He has delivered programs to over 20,000 business owners and 500 organizations across North America including the likes of BMW, FedEx, Philips, and Microsoft making him a force to be reckoned with in the world of keynote speaking.

However, what stands out the most about Chris isn't his long list of notable clients or the quantity of talks he's given, but rather what has enabled him to maintain such a broad audience and such a consistent and impactful track record. Chris treats people like humans. What a novel idea, right?

While effective, relevant, humorous, and professional are just a few words that could describe Chris Cummins' approach, they really only scratch the surface. What's at the core of all those attributes is a genuine desire to engage on a deep level with others by first listening to them and then contributing something back. Through this ongoing process, Chris has continually recognized that each and every company and the individuals that make it up are unique and learning about them is the only way to help them reach their highest potential.

Chris believes in taking the extra time with his clients to understand their unique needs and wants. Prior to each presentation, he enters into an in depth needs analysis to ensure he is delivering EXACTLY what a business requires. Working with leading organizations across many industries, Chris has developed a unique method to ensure the highest level of customization and impact for each presentation. His signature Black Box Methodâ„¢ uncovers hidden opportunities for learning within an organization, allowing training programs and keynotes to connect with audiences at the highest levels. Applying insights gained from the Black Box Methodâ„¢, Chris takes everyone on an exhilarating journey that educates with expert storytelling, dramatic personal stories, and relatable humor. With the Black Box Methodâ„¢, Chris ensures every audience gains new insight, perspective, a fresh outlook on life, renewed enthusiasm for business, and an infectious spring in their step.

Armed with custom stories, insights and best practices, Chris engages the minds and hearts of the people he works with and truly brings out the human side of business.

"I place a tremendous amount of emphasis on ensuring my audience knows that I 'get' them," shared Chris. "Whether it's at the preliminary stages leading up to a talk, during a keynote presentation, or when I speak with people after it's all over, realizing that each person I'm interacting with is more than a number on a timecard, a photo on social media, or the title on their nametag, but a complex human with emotions, reasoning, desires, and all the things that make us human is what truly allows me to connect and inspire others to thrive. Does it take a lot of effort? Yes, but the reward for the real connection and seeing the renewed vigor that emerges from it makes it all worth it."

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Giving Back

A portion of the proceeds for all of Chris Cummins presentations and workshops is donated to the Hilde Back Education Fund. Chris is also donating a portion of the proceeds from his presentations to Pencils For Kids. The charities Chris supports, though different, embody the underlying message Chris delivers to every audience, "Give value first, expecting nothing in return."