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Chris Heavens of Heavens Law Wins $827K Verdict in Work Injury Case

Chris Heavens of Heavens Law Firm, PLLC, recently won an $827,000 verdict in a case involving a woman who was injured on the job.


Charleston, WV -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- West Virginia personal injury attorney firm, Heavens Law Firm, PLLC, announces they have won an $827,000 verdict on behalf of their injured client in case number 07-C-193 in the Circuit Court of Logan County, West Virginia.

Attorney Chris Heavens represented a West Virginia woman who was injured in a work- related accident, obtaining a jury verdict of $827,000. Said Chris Heavens, "This high award will go a long way towards helping my client pay for her future medical expenses and to move forward with her life."

According to court documents, the plaintiff was working for a food service company at a jail in Holden, West Virginia, at the time of her accident. An industrial mixer that was improperly secured to a cart fell on her foot while she was working. Medical documents submitted in the case show the plaintiff suffered extensive physical trauma, causing her to undergo surgery to amputate two of her toes.

Personal injury lawyer Mr. Heavens, in association with Greg “Hootie” Smith of Williamson, filed suit on behalf of the plaintiff to sue the Jail Authority as well as an inmate who was involved in the accident. In court documents, the insurer for the West Virginia Regional Jail Authority denied any responsibility in the accident, claiming that the inmate was not covered by the policy. However, Charleston attorney Mr. Heavens was able to win a declaratory judgment in federal court to force the company to cover the inmate, a decision that was overturned by the Court of Appeals. This left the plaintiff with only one option: to recover damages directly from the Jail Authority through a personal injury lawsuit.

According to court documents, the Jail Authority denied any liability and accused the plaintiff of "faking" her injuries. Discovery documents showed private investigators hired by the defendants followed the plaintiff and attempted to discredit her story by taping her activities.

In court, West Virginia personal injury attorney Mr. Heavens was able to successfully combat the attempts of the defendants to discredit his client and explained to the jury that a woman making $8.25 per hour with no benefits was at least entitled to a safe workplace.

The jury agreed with Mr. Heavens, awarding the plaintiff a large settlement. Prior to settlement, the company offered $50,000 in “nuisance damages.” Mr. Heavens was able to secure a much better verdict for his client through his understanding of personal injury law.

About Heavens Law
West Virginia lawyer Chris Heavens proudly represents working people who have been injured and denied compensation by insurance companies and big business. Mr. Heavens represents victims of car accidents, workplace injuries, and defective products. He is the West Virginia counsel for the class action lawsuits against the makers of dangerous dialysis drugs, as well.

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