Chris Hedges Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for Average Joe's Book Tour

The objective of this project is to prove that anything is possible if one is willing to commit to his/her goals.


St Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- Chris Hedges spent 6 years in college getting his BBA in International Finance and Marketing, he threw in an MBA for good measures, and was in the financial industry for less than five years.

Chris woke up at 4:30am for a scheduled 5:30am triathlon training session one day when everything changed. He had just completed a training ride and transitioned into a run; 300 yards in he started hyperventilating. Chris tried walking it off only to cough up both lungs and a kidney 13 feet further down the road. Chris would have chalked this up to over training if he hadn’t seen blood in his mucus.

Chris later discovered that he had three massive tumors wrapped around his small intestine, but he learned a lot more over the next decade. After 5 different chemo regimens and countless hours of due diligence, Chris learned:

1. Traditional treatments were ineffective.
2. After losing 90 lbs in 4 months, IV nutrition was the most effective diet ever.
3. Over the course of a decade $5 million in health care costs is a reality for the uninsured.
4. He wouldn’t be able to squeeze back into my cookie cutter life.

Since then Chris has written his first manuscript that was recently picked up by a publisher in New York, and he started creating his way to a new reality. The book is done, and will be on store shelves come August 5th. This fundraising campaign is for the ultramarathon book tour Chris has dreamed up. He has mapped out a 20,000 mile cross-country book tour that hits all 100 top major book markets in America. That's like being in the driver's seat 24 hours a day for 16 days. This project was never about money. It has always been about dreaming inconceivably big, the journey itself, and overcoming the adversity that comes with it. All funds collected from Indiegogo are going to the book tour.

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About Chris Hedges
Chris was living a very normal and boring existence until he literally woke up one day to find out he was diagnosed with cancer. From that day onwards he has been learning how to survive within the realms of disability and healthcare. He wrote his first book out of equal parts boredom and self prescribed therapy. Now he is in the middle of a crash course on book marketing.