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ChristaTales: Husband & Wife Team Rise from Tragedy to Publish Books; Teaching Children Financial Responsibility, Morality & Healthy Living.

After losing both of his parents in a years’ time, and nearly losing his baby Mark Daniels left his job and used his personal and financial legacy to launch a unique publishing venture with his wife. As society struggles to find a moral foundation and renewed financial stability, today’s children risk inheriting a broken a world, the couple’s moralistic and heartfelt books are empowering young readers to flourish for a bright future.


Worcester, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2013 -- While Mark Daniels and his wife had always shared a passion for writing books that teach children the importance of saving, self-confidence, healthy eating and staying active; their previous attempts to get ChristaTales off the ground were marred by years of technical faults, logistical roadblocks and sheer bad luck.

However, after losing both of his parents within a years’ time and possessing a renew drive as a result of his parents encouragement and guidance, Daniels brushed himself off, ironed out his company’s kinks, rebranded and re-launched ChristaTales with a reinvigorated gusto. “Our hope is that our personal story will inspire others to never give up despite the obstacles.” Said Daniels.

The company is now diligently creating an entire series of books that children can enjoy and relate to, while simultaneously learning an important message/skill that they can pass on for generations. With each book designed to spark a dialogue and eventually affect change, this team is delighted with the unique brand they have built from scratch.

“Studies have found that teaching children from a young age is by far the most effective method of instilling lifelong habits, and effecting future behavior. This is why we want to capture children’s minds while they are still young and help them develop good character, compassion and rock-solid morals,” says Daniels.

The company’s flagship story, ‘A Trip to the Zoo’, fuses a multiracial storyline, and humor with vital tips on the importance of saving money and personal resources.


Daniel is your typical adventure seeking 8 year old, and one day on his way home from school he stumbles across a sign for the Safari Zoo. This will turn out to be one of the best days of his life. Daniel has always been taught to save his money for a rainy day, but temptation in the form of his best friend Kyle may get the best of him this time. Will Daniel make the right choice, or is it more important to look cool in front of his friend?

“This book is an indirect nod to the old ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ adage. This concept is molding our entire nation and our book serves as a beacon of hope to those looking to make a change. It’s as important for adults as it is for children.” Daniels adds.

ChristaTales also has an active community outreach component to its operation. They currently sponsor story-writing contests in partnership with local schools throughout the community; granting scholarships dollars to those showing unique and exceptional talent.

Daniels is also in the planning stages of distributing their books in different languages. They plan to produce these multi-language books on a philanthropic basis, in order to donate them to libraries, schools, and individuals in need both locally and around the world.

“We’re not just churning out books for profit. This is a real do-good venture that we hope to expand far beyond a local reach. We see it as our innate responsibility to help shape the future for today’s children and our whimsical yet vitally-important children’s books are a vehicle with which we hope to attract the attention of millions,” Daniels concludes.

To find more about the company, their works and available books, visit: http://christatales.com.

About ChristaTales
ChristaTales is a husband & wife team that believes in good old fashion morality, and equal education for all. We started our company with the premise that reading should be enjoyable for everyone and easy to be acquired. We decided that after the death of our children’s grandfather; how hard it was for the little one’s to understand such a concept like death and decided that we would write books based on topics that are hard for children to understand. There are topics ranging from saving money, bullying, friendship, healthy living and eating, and also death; to name a few.
ChristaTales produces children’s books with a moral theme from our vast inventory of proprietary images, backgrounds and stories, and works with corporate sponsors to fund the books dissemination to at risk children.
ChristaTales also has partnered with local schools to offer book writing contest, essay writing contest, short story, and video contests. To encourage and foster the natural relationship between reading, and writing components, and to encourage students to express themselves. These contests are open to all who are willing to participate and will be differentiated by age group. There will be a section just for Kindergarteners, elementary school students; then middle and high school. There will be age appropriate awards given to those who win the contest and also for seniors the opportunity to qualify for a scholarship to a specific college. We have partnered with local colleges in the area to allow our scholarship to be part of their financial aid process.